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Hello small people
This shirt cost me a lot kay! =P You so do not want to know the price. lalala. I'm happy because of this :D Its exactly the same except mine is long sleeved. Plus this is the last one selling in that shop. With this last size. Pfft. Anyway, thanks everyone who cared so much about me. I'm feeling better now. Just slight fever and a lil headache here and there. But i'll be fine :)

Signing out.

Time Square with dai b

I'm not the type of person who gets sick so easily. But now got high fever, headache & whole body very very pain ): Because of this made me have no fun yesterday. Pain and tired till can't even get outta bed.
Monday. December 21 // Yesterday Woke up early cause mama needs to go to work early. Wash up and got dress. Maid ask me to eat the half boiled egg. Stomach felt weird after eating it. After that mama fetch Ahling & I to Time Square. Shopped around. Used a lot of money :O Felt so dizzy and tired the whole time. Then finally, the stupid KaiChen came with his friend. We went to eat at Old Town. After eating a small piece of bread, felt like something gonna come out from my mouth. Then ask Ahling faster go to the toilet with me. On the way there SOMETHING happen. Suddenly just vomit on the floor. Luckily no one saw. Ran to the toilet and continue vomiting xD haha. We come out and saw the vomit on the floor. But this guy, don't know he blind or what la. He just step…

Close your eyes.

Suddenly miss jiyong so much =( Mhmm. I'm @ cousin Jowie's house now. Haha. Very happy because internet faster. hahaha!
Yesterday  set alarm at 10.30am cause mummy ask me not to sleep so much cause will fat. lol. Don't know why the stupid alarm ring at 10am. So sleep a while longer. But end up wake up at 12pm. hahaha. Sis say she hungry for Japanese food. So parents bring us to eat SHOGUN @ 1 Utama. Shopped a while. After the buffet we went to one of my aunt's house. My daddy's sister la. She told us a lot of stories about her and daddy when they were young. haha. Then we went home around 11pm. Slept at 3am.

Okay pictures =)

This is why i don't like school. They force you to wear ugly uniforms.

Going out with Ahling and Kaichen tomorrow.
Bye bye. Want to go jogging already.
Signing out.


I don't know when was this picture taken :O
When you say you LOVE someone, make sure that your spelling is correct. because if you're going to browse a dictionary, luv.lav.lab.lub. means NOTHING.
Last night sms Carrie and ask her if she wanted to go play badminton today. But, she said she's too lazy and only wants to play poker. Tsk. POKER ADDICT. hahahahaaa. Then i ask Eugene if i could go over to his place for basketball. He said yes. Wheee. But then i thought again. Don't want laa. After basketball what to do. His house so boring. lol. haha. Then sms Carrie again. And today's plan was to go to Carrie's house. But! Last night fell asleep in bro's room and woke up at 1pm today. (Very good already laa. Use to wake up at 4pm) Mhmm. Then didn't go already. Pfft :( Bored at home. Hujan datang already. My brother is asking me to not use the computer. Sigh.





This is why i love Genting :P
Signing out. EUNICE.

Just an afternoon.

Helloo sweetie pies.
Ahhh. The Putrajaya 12hour walk ah. After walking for erm, 2 hours xD We felt very lazy and tired. So bro, jowie & I overnight at calvin's house. While the adults continue their walk. hahaa. Didn't sleep the whole night as usual. Cause jowie was watching some movie. And i just don't feel sleepy. The next day mummy and daddy can't walk properly d xD hahaa. Walk terlalu banyak. wtflol. haha

I miss clg & 16passion very much :D Wonder ah, when can you all come out? xD hahahaa! Made plans with Ah Ling already. Heh! Miss her so much. Can't wait to see her. Just have to call Kai Chen out now :P I miss Enyi very much too. hahahaa. Miss her laugh xD And her lousy jokes. And not forgetting my Melissa & Carrie :P HAHAA.

Okay laa. Seriously don't have anything to blog about. Just can't wait to go to Singapore. Will edit this once i think of something la. And when will we be taking our PMR results?

Signing out.


Heh! I want to wish 2 people happy birthday :D
Sorry. Connection really bad now. So didn't upload any pictures =/

My friend :D
Happy Birthday Alyssa Remesh Nateson!!
Last night, after i send that 8 pages text message to you, i felt abit scared. Know why? Because i was afraid i sent it to an unknown person. hahahah! Even though its been a while since we've talk. And a year since we've met xD HAHAHAA. I want you to know that i'll still be here if you need anyone to talk to. Today is your big day. SO HAVE FUN! Anywayyy, everything i wanted to tell you has already been written in that messege. So, have a rocking fifteen girl! :D Yes yes. You can sing yout taylor swift song in peace already. hahaha. AND!! Your present from last year, i'm still keeping xD HAHAHA.

My queen xD hahahaa.
Happy Birthday Jasmine Thong Jia Xin!!
I lost your number already. So didn't sms you. SORRY D: Maybe we got argue a few times. Errr. Not us la. But other people. lol. But we still friends ma.…

PC Fair

Windows 7 !! :PP Totally in love :D

Really lazy and not in the mood to blog about the steamboat day and the pc fair day. lol. hahaa. But i'll still blog about what we bought :D

So going to PC Fair on the last day isn't that bad. It was kinda good actually. They were practically giving things away. But there was alot of people though. Got squished by so many big peoples. lol. I figured if i use the pictures i took, it won't look that nice. hahahaa.
Bro & I each bought a 16GB pendrive. Only RM99! :O But, i really don't know what am i going to do with 16GB. I just bought it because bro bought it. wtflol :P No laaa. Because i lost my 2GB pendrive not long ago D: (I just feel it look more fancy with the very yeng tittle. HAHAHA)

SanDish Cruzer Micro 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Okay. I've only use 2GB. Still thinking what else am i gonna use it for :O

#2 Our old printer crashed D: So we decide to buy a new one. So crazy. After buying it we(well not we. My gor gor actu…

For All Eternity

Updates real soon. I promise. Its mummy's birthday today :DD Woohooo. Sad thing is that she is going to work later at 4pm D: Aiks. Anyway, i have no time to blog now. Going to PC Fair @ KLCC later. Stupid. Made me go on the last day. Sigh.

Signing Out. EUNICE

Crash & Burn December

Its the last month of the year people! :D Means Christmas is near. I just love Christmas. Don't you? Too bad it doesn't snow in Malaysia. So i'll be celebrating Christmas in Singapore. Although it doesn't snow there either. lol. hahaha. Those pretty decorations and big Christmas trees. And can't wait to go caroling this year :P I bought this yesterday. BIGBANG JAPANESE ALBUM :D Just suddenly saw it in front of my face. Although I already got all the song, just felt like buying it :P RM50 gone x) Daddy keep nagging me after i bought it. A while later then quiet already. haha.
This morning mummy bang on my door and woke me up at 9am. Just to ask(scold) me where is her eyeliner sharpener. She wasn't actually asking, it was more of screaming than talking. Sigh. Use to it already la. Then i went back to sleep. Have a very WONDERFUL dream. Jiyong kissed me and told me he loves me. And non stop whispering sweet words to my ear. Its wasn't a very long dream, how i…

Got my heartbreaker album!

Slept very late last night. And woke up at 3.30pm just now =X I had very disappointing dream. Dream about I got my PMR result. And guess what, all subjects get D. Was so sad but in my dream got someone keep telling me 'Don't be sad eunice, all subjects pass already ma' Really felt like slapping that person. When i wake up, felt quite happy. Cause it was all a dream. Lately I keep thinking about my PMR results. Maybe thats why I will dream this type of shit.
Did I ever mention that I love seeing VIPs spazzing over BIG BANG? HAHA. Though I don't like those who scream. But what to do, even if see them, I too will scream like some mad ass retard. LOL. My point is, i love VIPs & also I love you Jiyong (:
And just recently, i think it was yesterday. I took out GD's album again. And notice there was some errors in the lyrics. HAHA.

G-Dragon recently modeled for Vogue as a “Genie” He looks creepy right? :O Well, thats jiyong. Heh! Anyway, this is old news already. I just wa…


Helloo. Some things made me seriously very du lan. But what to do. Not gonna mention it laa :D Actually plan was to watch New moon & catch up with Eugene. Well, we did la :D

But then Wendy wanted to tag along. Sigh. Such a pain in the ass. Jokes :D Not only that, Eugene's whole family came along too. HAHA! Because it's a public holiday, we went to Sunway Pyramid abit early. Around 10am we reached. Went to cinema and the line was so fucking long :O Still manage to buy the tickets anyway (:

Went to Mcdonald for lunch.

Just to let time pass faster, I took Wendy for a quick haircut :D Which she really regrets because Eugene keeps teasing her. hahaha.

Baskin Robbins was next! x) Eat la of course. And passed Lennon the movie tickets. First time see him, was abit shocked. Don't know why. haha.

If you watch Disney Channel you'll know that Lilo & Stitch thing. And that 'So Syok Holiday' thing. lol.

Guess what. After movie Eugene's parents treat us Kenny Rogers. Tha…