Monday, May 18, 2009 ❣

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Heh! There is a cbox in my blog now. But i dont think there is any use for it. i dont think anyone could find my blog. Because its like still a secret that i have it back. So erm. Exam totally sucked today.. When the kertas soalan sat on my table, the second i flip open the first page, my mouth went wide open! I totally went OMG laaa. The whole class was like 'waddaFUCK' Because most of the things they study their asses off didnt even came out. SAME GOES TO ME. Suck man.

Bahagian A(i) - Ringkasan. Yeah, quite okay. But i still think i could do better. Thats because i didnt really added any words only dan, selain itu, disamping itu. BLAHKK. -.- I just kept striking out extra sentences. Lameee. But i think i got the points

Bahagian A(ii) - That answer question thing. There was only 3 questions, but i think i only got two rights as the questions they asked were just easy. 

Bahagian B - Hahahah! This karangan waste my whole 3 hours yesterday. I memorize the whole thing. BUT i wrote a 395word karangan. So i wasted my time striking out the extras again. All my huraian and contoh also gone. And there were still too many words, it almost made me strike out my KESIMPULAN. And also some of my peribahasa. But i didnt go that far xD They said TIDAK BOLEH MELEBIHI 120 PATAH PERKATAAN. Aiks. Xin tong ah. I was keep thinking why cant this karangan be at bahagian C. -.- That way i might even score A. =/ 

Bahagian C - The five titles thingy. I basically just stared at those questions for about half an hour. Then i choose the first one. Which is about finding the langkah-langkah for gejala buli di sekolah thingy. I remembered doing this karangan when i was in form 2. But heyy, i only remember a lil. AND I MEAN VERY LITTLE! I think i wrote like 100 words? I was like totally clueless. I really cant think of any langkah. And it was like TIDAK KURANG DARIPADA 120 PATAH PERKATAAN. Fuck laaa. xD

Bahagian D - Hahahah! I didnt read the novel. Not even once have i read a novel for BM since form 1. But i do read their latar masyarakat, latar tempat and blahs. Okay, so before exam. I was pretty sure it was going to be on latar tempat this time. So i freaking memorize that stupid thing. But when the exam paper came, It was LATAR MASYARAKAT. Fuck la. xD I just wrote

Novel kajian saya ialah Novel Panas Salju karya Talib Samat. Terdapat beberapa latar masyarakat dalam novel ini. Yang pertama ialah Zulkifli

THE END. That was all i wrote. Hahaha, i know i'm so gonna fail my bm wooi. -.- And then i thought i was gonna get a B or something. My heart sui already laaaa. Stupid BM. Having exams till the 26th. Till then, i dont think i'll online. Besides blogging la. HAHA. Having Science paper 2 and English paper 2 tomorrow. Two of my fav subjects and master at. HAHA! Hope i dont dissapoint myself again. Good luck all EXAM-ERS ! off to tuition now. byebye eunice xo's

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤