Thursday, May 28, 2009 ❣

I never promised you a happy ending

Happy Birthday Baby Sis. 5 year old. Happy eh? xD
Didnt go to school today. I woke up late. HAHA. But i told everyone i was sick. So they started worrying about me. LOL. Woke up at around 10am. Texted fly. Yeah she was at school. But it took a while for her to reply. Kim sms me. Hahaa. Then her boyf Karl Joon sms me too. Pas tu bru fly reply my msg. HAHA. Ate maggi then straight XDO till 8.30pm. Cun kan? HAHAHA. I did nothing else. Up lvl damn sien lo. lvl 21 suck. -.- Play 3 song only up 1%. Hng! xD After that, it was kinda late. Had my dinner then took a shower. Parents are out will sometime later than midnight. Oh btw! I think tomorrow is Hari Guru. I dont know. I just think. -.- 

Hahaha! Oh yeah! MERDEKA! LOL. Exam was over yesterday. WOOHOOO. And here comes the 2 weeks holiday baybeh. Mummy said she is gonna bring me to TAIWAN SHOPPING!! Woooo xD Daddy fixed a new aircond at the computer room. Nono. Computer PLACE. Its not exactly a room. LOL! =) It like freezing cold there. And he also fixed the living room's aircond too. The aircond was like rosak for dont know how long already. And yeah, its also freezing cold there xD 

Yeah, i really wish i can pass Lvl24 Gravitation. HAHAHAA. Play till finger pain man x) 

Nothing to blog already.
Going to change my blogskin xD

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