Sunday, May 31, 2009 ❣

Thank you :D


So, it wasnt Hari Guru. Fly really sin ka ah xD HAHAHA. Instead, we gotong-royong. Sien xD Walk around school the whole day. Fly damn no mood. Because she has been forced to move. To a house she doesnt even know where is it. And she cant use computer or phone D: I feel your pain dear =( I cant call you anymore. Nor see you for 2 whole weeks. sobs. I miss you already. Ok ok. Skip skip. Carrie came over to my place after school Cho dai di with her and sis. She went home at about 2 something. Went up to Genting at night. HAHA. Bro didnt come, malas malas. Took like 2 hours for us to reach. So god damn freaking jam. Mum told us some stories on the way up. Very touching ones. Nyek. Finally reached there about 10pm. Walked around. Watched tv whole night. Then me and the sisters slept at 3am.

Saturday 30th May 2009
Woke up at 10am. Went down. Accompany sisters go to the arcade. Then had our lunch at some buffet at 12pm. We had to rush back home, for my violin class at 3pm. Took us 2 hours to reach again. duh. So jam. Reached home then straight head to my violin class. After that, rushed home and got our stuffs. Then head off to Jowie's house. Cc with joern. Damn suck. The computer there damn lag. Keyboard cant click at all. Went to club and badminton with Calvin, Jowie, Joern, Eugene & Euwern till 9pm =) Walked back to his house and eat eat eat xD HAHAHA. Jowie also teached me to play Kiss the rain-Yiruma Nyahahaha. Went home. Jowie & Joern came too. Overnight at my place.

Nitey nite.

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