Sunday, May 17, 2009 ❣

When you first held me in your arms

eunice rocks batu*

Wondering? Well, I guess I deleted my previous blog is because i didnt feel the need to have a blog? I guess? Hahaaa. I don't know. And the reason why i don't have a cbox in my blog is because i hate my old on and lazy to get a new one. Got it? :D

Okay, i'm guessing the life i live now is kinda boring. Uhh. Watch tv, text, sleep, study & eat. Mhmm. Which makes me love the life i live now :D Oh yeah! School? School is cool. Which reminds me. I'm having my exams this monday. I've been studying my ass off. Especially with those form 1 and form 2 stuffs. Hahaaa. Everyone is keep telling me PMR is just around the corner. Yeah, i knoww. And to tell the truth, i'm really kinda nervous. Even for this exam i am having this monday. You know whats weird. When i study, at the time when i feel like i really understand everything already. I would take out those exercise to do just to test myself. And that feeling of me understanding everything tends to disappear. And when i'm doing the exercise, HECK! I cant seem to answer not even 1 question correctly. Okayy, I watched American Idol today. But then, i couldn't finish it because i had to go for my violin class. Mhmm. Violin bores me. No idea why. I've been receiving text msgs from many unknown ppl. Well, not unknown but friend's friend. So called friends that simply give my number to other. -.- tsk tsk. I should be studying, but i didnt even touch my books today. Its was all SDO DOTA SDO DOTA. Nyahahahahaaa.

Guess i'm gonna spend my whole day tomorrow studying. BORED! Heh!
eunice rocks batu*
revenge is fun

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