Tuesday, May 19, 2009 ❣

Done what i could. Now its up to you. Hold my hand and watch us fly?

So, english paper 2 was ok. Thou some ppl tell me it was hard. I wrote a 278word easay for Section A. And summary i kinda simply do. HAHA! Cant seem to find any points. Then that literature thingy. I wrote 233words. About that Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde novel thingy. Throughout all, it was kinda easy. Some dummys dont even know how to spell trustworthy. Yew Khang spelled trustworthly. Shun Kin spelled trustwhorty. HAHAHHAHA. Made me LMAO!

Recieved a text msg from Daniel last night during tuition. He informed me about today's science examination. Yeahhh. I guess i studied alot on science last night. But yeah. Disappointed laaa. All i studied for didnt even came out. DENG! -.- Instead, all the FORM 2 stuff came out. So, i tried to recall laa.

Haha! I texted fly during exam today xD But we didnt exchange answers. Instead, we were texting crap. LOL! Teacher was sitting behind us and he didnt see us holding on to the phone. Text Mr. BLACK too. HAHAHA! Damn xin tong. He is hotlink and im digi. My money is just like fly fly away. =O Oh yeah

WAKAKAKA. Fetch carrie home after school as her mummy isnt around. Dont know went to who's funeral or something. XDO-ing with fly now. Yeahhh, i know im gonna study later. Nyek. x) Ciaoooo

EDITED @ 9.19pm
Okay. I lied. I didnt study at all. After xdo. I dota xD Hahahaha!! Stupid thing is bro & i thought it was fun if we played wtf mode. So we did. BUT! The computer was so god damn lag that i could even die at wtf mode. -.- Damn dulan. So, i straight quit game x) After that i played something called Pictionary with sis. Damn childish =X Yeahh. I know i should study. Its maths laaa. Will do revision and catch up with fly tomorrow. Heh! Bet she didnt study as well la. HAHAHAH!

With love

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