Monday, June 29, 2009 ❣

Forever & Always

Hello Readers
Alot has happened. And frankly speaking, i really don't have that kind of mood to blog anymore. Trials are next week and I'm not even worried -.- Idk its school's or daerah punya. Neh, don't care. Just study la. I doubt I could pass my sejarah. And maths. LOL. Heh! Enough said.

Hope you don't mind, my laziness forces you to bare with my lousy English and just so you know, this post will be PICTURELESS =)

Last week was a boring school week. Lets skipped that.
So i shall start off with

Saturday, 25th July 2009
No violin class for 4 weeks. Yada yada yada... Can't remember what i did in the afternoon. Went for the Putrajaya Night run thing with Family. Carrie and Eugene tagged along. There were CONDOMS in the goodie bag man xD HAHAHAAA. Wonder is daddy and mummy going to use eh? x) Had tons of fun with them till around midnight. Parents fetch them home. Took a shower and snoozed.

Sunday, 26th July 2009
Slept alot in the evening, LOL. Lunch at Wendy's at IOI mall. Went for movie with family. Watch HARRY POTTER. Wheee =) They talked more than they do. But still, I've kinda sorta read the book, so 8/10 la. HAHA. I loved it =) Dinner at TGIFridays. KenYi saw me. But i couldn't see him x)

Monday, 27th July 2009
The morning was cooling. Perhimpunan was boring as usual. [Blank] and I talked like every other morning/day. School School.. Came home from school and doze off. Jogged with daddy and brother around 6ish.

Tuesday, 28th July 2009
Hey! Tomorrow is brother's, Fly's and Carrie's birthday! How cool is that. School school... Okaaayyy. Parents came pick me up from school with that NEW CAR. So i couldn't find them at first, until sis shouted my name. HAHA. Went jogging with daddy and brother at 6 again =)

There we go.
Blog updated.

PS: Lazy to put those emoticons already xD

Saturday, June 27, 2009 ❣

Call me weirdo why dont cha

Oh. Dead blog alert (:
I dont care :D PMR is around the corner.
And yeah, that fat ass Sharline was the one that stole my phone. She changed the cover dou. I borrowed her phone and check the game 'snake'. Well, she was stupid enough to not clear all the high scores. And yet she still try to deny she took it and said it belongs to her brother. I really want to slap the fk outta her man. Diuki! :D Anyway, a lot has happened (: I currently have to wear glasses permanently. And i'm getting braces during July. Sucks huh? Family & woon eugene cant stop teasing me. -.- Especially that retard eugene. Carrie is going to have metal wraped around her teeth as well! Wheee! What a good friend! Fly too x)

After tuition. Around 10.35pm
eugene: OMG! I just tot of it. you're going to wear spec & wear metal on your teeth. What are you going to look like!!
eunice: Erhh? A nerd?
eugene: OH MY GOD MAN! *laughs*
eunice: uh-huh?
eugene: Ugly betty! *continue laughing*
eunice: ya laa.
eugene: dont worry. you'll always be eunice. *still laughing*

Didnt go to school today, collect report card yesterday. I failed my KH. But i'm sure i'll pass in pmr. Since i already got 40 marks for my kerja kursus. Even if i didnt get anything correct on my pmr paper, i'm still gonna get a D. But still, im gonna study my KH. lols.
Daddy is going for the marathon thing tomorrow. 42km sial! And erm. Me and sis had nothing to do. So i forced her to play with me(: Extreme make over xD

Oh yeah. Got 2 new single beds in my room. Will be sleeping with sister(:

Well, just so you know. You won't be seeing me blog for a few weeks, maybe months? Mum is paying brother to 'force' me to study and not watch tv, play computer or sleep when i come home from school. :O

EXTRA 26th June 2009 (report card day)
When i woke up. Mum drived me to school. Turned on the radio. And heard that MJ has passed away. At first they said CNN wasn't confirmed yet, i was hoping it was just a rumour. Then around noon, mum told me MJ isn't around anymore. :(
RIP Michael Jackson. Tears are not enough for this tragic lost. Dou he has already left us. He shall always remain in our hearts. He will always be the King of Pop! "His talent, his wonderment and his mystery make him legend." I love you, Michael. with love, eunice
Okay, byebye

Sunday, June 21, 2009 ❣

I aint fking scared of her ;D

I guess I feel kinda lifeless now ;D I have nothing to do but blog out crapioos. Okayy then. Woke up at 7.30am, got ready and head to Putrajaya with daddy & bro. Then back home. Then to down to KL with daddy & sis to fetch mummy to work. LOL. Then we keep going round and round KL. Like daddy has nothing to do Then we went to Kajang. Then back home. Simple as that ;D And its only like 3pm. Btw! The stupid appointment was delayed till July 7th. Weeee! My teeth won't have be wrap up with metal just yet babeh! Im bored *sigh* Oh yea. Going to Port Dickson tomorrow. Family & Jowie's family, oh oh and CALVIN too =O Okayy. I'm gonna sleep now. byebye
Plain White T's - 1234 I love you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ❣

Fuck that darn fuckface out there!

Noooo! I didnt loose it. Someone stole it!
And if i find out whoever you are. I SWEAR I'LL TEAR YOUR FACE APART! Fuck you!
Tuition-ing. Well, today is Carrie's first day here. But wth FUCK! I was holding on to my phone. At 10pm. Some students went home, including Kai Chen. And some of us stayed for geografi. At that time i realized that my phone wasnt with me. Weird thing it that I wasnt freaked out at that time. The first thing i did was CALL MY PHONE! It was put on silent & it only vibrates. I couldnt hear anything. So i called Kai Chen to see if he took my phone by accident. He checked his bag, pencil case & pocket. He said it wasnt with him.
 I searched the whole class room. But NOTHING! The stupid fck face Sharline keep telling me she didnt even saw my phone today. And I ming ming saw her playing with my phone earlier before tuition started. After that she fucking keep talking cock in front of me with her friend. I so feel like slapping her then. Not to be bad or anything. But i have a feeling she took it. Plus, eugene said he saw her holding on to my phone. FAT ASS FREAK! Eat so much think people cant see you ah har?
I was so stupid to not tell teacher! DAMN! At 10.30pm everyone went home. When i up the car. I told daddy everything. Well, lets say he said some stuffs. Then i tried calling my phone again and again! Then suddenly, it couldnt reach anymore. That darn fucker turn off my phone! Damn lan 7 du lan! My mum diao kao me like shit. I said something to shut her up. Dad didnt say much. And since i'm in a cold war with my sister now, SHE FUCKING PISSED ME OFF BY TELLING MUM SO MANY THINGS ABOUT MY PASS RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL MY PHONES! Screw you!        

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 ❣

PD with family!

Just finish watching Chibi Maruko-Chan & also season 3 of Ugly Betty. So i guess i'll blog now ;D Tho i wont be uploading pictures. Take Took like forever to upload. So just read those boring old words laa. But yeah, uploaded ;D Only some tho. Damn sien ah uploading.

Friday, June 5th 2009
Woke up super early in the morning & waited for Jowie & Calvin to come. Then off to PD we go. Joern and I were keesiao-ing in the car. LOL. We stayed at Eagle Ranch Resort. From outside the room looks so nice =) But when we went in, IT WAS SO SMALL! And not to mention HOT! Nvm, boleh tahan. Went to the pool then to the beach. Lousy beach. I didnt like it there. So some of us went back to the hotel first while mummy and sis stayed there. LOL. kinda forgotten what we did next. Errhhh? Went back to our room and played Mafia the whole night. Oh yeah! There were only TWO SINGLE BEDS! I slept with no blanket or pillow. So xin ku. HAHA.

The sakai teepee ;D 

Our very-good & large looking but small room ;D 


Tandas perempuan =) 

Saturday, June 6th 2009 
I felt so so cold and woke up at 7am. Walked around with Calvin. Took some pictures of the nice birds. Then the rest of them woke up and we had our breakfast together at the lousy buffet. Not much food to eat there. Played volleyball and yadaa yadaa yadaaa. I forgotten what we did next. Pack our stuffs and head to home. On the way home we stopped by a Extreme Park for go kart. Wweeeeeeeeee ;D 

Early in the morning 

Sunday, June 7th 2009 
Woke up with a aching back. Went to jusco around 2pm to watch sister's hip hop group perform. Then to Petaling Street with Jowie & family. Joern massaged my back on the way there. HAHA! Shopped till 8pm & went back home. Jowie & I camwhore like siao in the car LOL! hahaaaa. 

His hand was shaking 

It was shaking here too 


Jowie & I in the car. Disturbing no? 

Monday, June 8th 2009 
Went to Midvalley and straight head to GSC to find jowie & joern. Watch Terminator salvation. It was so loud! roar! But interesting. After movie we walked around. And ah! Bought myself a pair of gorgeuos 3 inch heels. I feel like a giant after i put them on! hahaaa! Had dinner @ ss15 Asia Cafe. Then we went back home at 6pm. Because i had tuition. BORING! 

Tuesday, June 9th 2009 Todayy:D
Mummy dragged me outta bed around 11am. Went to Maybank to re-make my ATM card. Took a while. Waited for almost an hour. Waste 12 bucks just to remake. Well, at least i didnt lost my IC. RM200 weih. Siao! Parents would kill me. Went back home and here I am! =) Going to rot at home today.



My poor lil book from 8349023720 years ago. Kena conteng by you! And see, i'm still keeping it. Where's the one i drew on your book huh? ;D Hahaa. It kinda got wet xD But i dont know when. LOL!

Saturday, June 6, 2009 ❣

Baby you're the one i need tonight

Super super duper duper old pictureee ;D
I just came back from PD. Its was not that boring after all. Will blog about it some other time. Now, this laptop is being a bitch. I can't go into friendster, facebook, myspace, plurk, youtube. And LOL idk what else. I've tried using Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox & also Google Chrome. Stupid laptop & I'm also very lazy to use the downstairs pc. Fking lousy laptop, i only can go into blogspot. LMAO! Deng! So meaning i wont be online neither will I blog today. Okay then, i'm seriously tired. Byebye. 
HAHA! My bad. Everything is working now xD
Shayne Ward-No Promises

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 ❣

Piece me back together when I fall apart

Stupid camera -.-
Hellooo peepos.
I was so tired I actually woke up at 1.40pm. Heh! Suddenly remembered I had to go to the dentist. LOL. Went out with daddy, eugene & eve at 2pm ;D Reached there and the stupid peoples there said the time for me is 7.30am-1pm. LMAO! Daddy ask me to wake up at 7.30 tomorrow. I was like wtf! (of cause i didnt say fuck la) Like i can wake up so early xD 
Went to jusco. Bought a pair of school shoes each for me and bro. Heh. ;D Pretty pretty. Munched @ Kenny Rogers. Yum Yum. Went to supermarket and daddy bought some stuffs. After that we head on home ;D 
What a very expensive day. LOL! Yeah yeah, i know lousy camera. Gonna get a new one soon ;P

My prettayyyy shoes ;D Yes yes size 6.
Food ;D
Supermarket lap sap ;D

Shoes ;D
=RM231.28  $$ CHACHING ;D
Awwww, have tuition tonight. BORING! The stupid teacher sucks. Hrmph! 
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤