Tuesday, June 9, 2009 ❣

PD with family!

Just finish watching Chibi Maruko-Chan & also season 3 of Ugly Betty. So i guess i'll blog now ;D Tho i wont be uploading pictures. Take Took like forever to upload. So just read those boring old words laa. But yeah, uploaded ;D Only some tho. Damn sien ah uploading.

Friday, June 5th 2009
Woke up super early in the morning & waited for Jowie & Calvin to come. Then off to PD we go. Joern and I were keesiao-ing in the car. LOL. We stayed at Eagle Ranch Resort. From outside the room looks so nice =) But when we went in, IT WAS SO SMALL! And not to mention HOT! Nvm, boleh tahan. Went to the pool then to the beach. Lousy beach. I didnt like it there. So some of us went back to the hotel first while mummy and sis stayed there. LOL. kinda forgotten what we did next. Errhhh? Went back to our room and played Mafia the whole night. Oh yeah! There were only TWO SINGLE BEDS! I slept with no blanket or pillow. So xin ku. HAHA.

The sakai teepee ;D 

Our very-good & large looking but small room ;D 


Tandas perempuan =) 

Saturday, June 6th 2009 
I felt so so cold and woke up at 7am. Walked around with Calvin. Took some pictures of the nice birds. Then the rest of them woke up and we had our breakfast together at the lousy buffet. Not much food to eat there. Played volleyball and yadaa yadaa yadaaa. I forgotten what we did next. Pack our stuffs and head to home. On the way home we stopped by a Extreme Park for go kart. Wweeeeeeeeee ;D 

Early in the morning 

Sunday, June 7th 2009 
Woke up with a aching back. Went to jusco around 2pm to watch sister's hip hop group perform. Then to Petaling Street with Jowie & family. Joern massaged my back on the way there. HAHA! Shopped till 8pm & went back home. Jowie & I camwhore like siao in the car LOL! hahaaaa. 

His hand was shaking 

It was shaking here too 


Jowie & I in the car. Disturbing no? 

Monday, June 8th 2009 
Went to Midvalley and straight head to GSC to find jowie & joern. Watch Terminator salvation. It was so loud! roar! But interesting. After movie we walked around. And ah! Bought myself a pair of gorgeuos 3 inch heels. I feel like a giant after i put them on! hahaaa! Had dinner @ ss15 Asia Cafe. Then we went back home at 6pm. Because i had tuition. BORING! 

Tuesday, June 9th 2009 Todayy:D
Mummy dragged me outta bed around 11am. Went to Maybank to re-make my ATM card. Took a while. Waited for almost an hour. Waste 12 bucks just to remake. Well, at least i didnt lost my IC. RM200 weih. Siao! Parents would kill me. Went back home and here I am! =) Going to rot at home today.



My poor lil book from 8349023720 years ago. Kena conteng by you! And see, i'm still keeping it. Where's the one i drew on your book huh? ;D Hahaa. It kinda got wet xD But i dont know when. LOL!

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