Wednesday, June 10, 2009 ❣

Fuck that darn fuckface out there!

Noooo! I didnt loose it. Someone stole it!
And if i find out whoever you are. I SWEAR I'LL TEAR YOUR FACE APART! Fuck you!
Tuition-ing. Well, today is Carrie's first day here. But wth FUCK! I was holding on to my phone. At 10pm. Some students went home, including Kai Chen. And some of us stayed for geografi. At that time i realized that my phone wasnt with me. Weird thing it that I wasnt freaked out at that time. The first thing i did was CALL MY PHONE! It was put on silent & it only vibrates. I couldnt hear anything. So i called Kai Chen to see if he took my phone by accident. He checked his bag, pencil case & pocket. He said it wasnt with him.
 I searched the whole class room. But NOTHING! The stupid fck face Sharline keep telling me she didnt even saw my phone today. And I ming ming saw her playing with my phone earlier before tuition started. After that she fucking keep talking cock in front of me with her friend. I so feel like slapping her then. Not to be bad or anything. But i have a feeling she took it. Plus, eugene said he saw her holding on to my phone. FAT ASS FREAK! Eat so much think people cant see you ah har?
I was so stupid to not tell teacher! DAMN! At 10.30pm everyone went home. When i up the car. I told daddy everything. Well, lets say he said some stuffs. Then i tried calling my phone again and again! Then suddenly, it couldnt reach anymore. That darn fucker turn off my phone! Damn lan 7 du lan! My mum diao kao me like shit. I said something to shut her up. Dad didnt say much. And since i'm in a cold war with my sister now, SHE FUCKING PISSED ME OFF BY TELLING MUM SO MANY THINGS ABOUT MY PASS RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL MY PHONES! Screw you!        

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