Thursday, July 30, 2009 ❣

Sick & tired

I'm sad, mad & happy all at the same time. How awesome is that eh (:

Due to some minor problem. nONO, major problems actually. LOL MUCH. I REGRET DELETING IT NOW. Awwwwww! :D

Thank you 3Kempas, especially

Fly, Eugene, Daniel, Chia Jia, En Yi, See Teng, Romex, Shun Kin, Yew Khang & etc. Evendou some of you didn't help at all xD But i still love you guys!

Bye Peepoos

Sunday, July 19, 2009 ❣

It's like zero gravity

Helloo readers
Blogging a different way this time.

Saturday, July 18 2009
Woke up very late =X As usual la Didn't have violin class, the teacher won't be around for 4 weeks. Awww(: Ate lunch, slack around then mum and dad came back from the hospital. We were all yelling H1N1 xD LOL. Turns out Mei Yan jie jie is delivering her baby today! Wheeee Lil baby girl.

Sincere apologies. Camera sucks. Don't know why. No laa, its all taken by phone. And the flash ah really gek sei people. If the flash is not turned on, it'll look so dark, and can hardy see anything. But when its turned on. I'LL LOOK LIKE I'M HALF DEAD. With my face super duper white and all  Oh well.

Went down to KL with parents & sisters. Head to Central Market at around 5ish. Because mum's friend is having some art exhibition there. Walked around there. She called her friend and found out, the exhibition thingy is next week HAHAHAAAA. Continue walking.

Stupid guy ruin the picture -.- I actually wanted to walk nearer to take the picture of the wall. But then that guy would think i'm crazy or something xD

Kept walking and suddenly see this very chio guitar thingy. Its actually not that nice. I think maybe my lousy photography made it look nicer. LOL! But its cute

Passed by Famous Amos

Wern said she was hungry. So she bought this. 
So fattening But i likeee.

On the way to the car. Saw this thingy. 
And felt i had to take a picture of it

Reach mummy's office around 8pm. She went up as she has work to do So daddy, the monkeys and I had dinner at LaRambla while waiting for her. The place was so dark. And the food took a while to come.

Eh eh ! You know ah You can see these things hanging on each and every corner of the room. Its quite disturbing actually. The lights are non stop blinking

Dad and Eve. See her pose. Lately she has been doing that peace sign and not to mention she has been posing like a frigging lala. Nono, i'm serious. Wonder where she learn from

And finally, my food has arrived California Lamb Chop.
Yummyy. Camera problem. LOL.

And wern's THING arrived too. Chicken Salad or something. It doesnt taste that good actually At least thats what i think la xD

So, after eating. We were very full. OMG.

Wern and I ordered Banana Split. Wheee.
After eating. We continue waiting for that crazy women
Had nothing to do. So.. 

While waiting for mummy. 
That women came down. And it was already 11pm. 
Went back home, shower & sleep.
Thank you daddy & mummy. I love you (:

Sunday, July 19 2009
Mummy dragged me outta bed at 5.30am. For Siemens Run. Which reminds me, I'll be having to run 7km for the next 3 more weekends. Met up with Jowie's around 6ish at Dataran Merdeka. The road we're running today is totally different than the one we usually run. Which i only found out when i'm running it. LOL! We had to run to some jungle then back to Dataran Merdeka. But we had to continue from there and run all the way to Menara Eon Bank, which was around 3km to 4km or so. The stupid road was so long man Then we had to U-turn and run back to Dataran Merdeka. Damn tired x)

Ei, don't have pictures eh. Only one x)
Will upload the rest when i get it from kao fu.

Joern and I. My face is so red. lol

I feel so weak. HAHAA. Jowie & Bro can be faster than me. 
And i'm only running for 7km man. Their running for 10km. AHAHAAA!

Thats all

Friday, July 17, 2009 ❣

What a boring life i live.

HELLOO READERS <span class=

Skipped school lol. Not really skipped. Mummy actually let me stay home. Since no teacher will be teaching today. I think. Eugene isnt going to school either. Which means i left Fly alone at school. SORRRYYYY! T.T Have nothing to do. Gonna blog a little
A text message woke me up. From Desmond. Which was already 11am. Couldn't find brother anywhere. Maybe he has gone out with daddy. Didn't care and ate my breakfast, studied a little on science and maths. Mathematic is super super difficult. Especially Chapter 6 & 7. This maybe the 2 most complicated and stupid chapters for me. lol

The fighting fish daddy bought for me a week ago is dying soon. Because as i was cleaning his tank. I accidentally dropped him in the sink. And i couldn't pick him up because he was slippery. So he lied there for a few seconds or so. Till i pulled his tail and put him back into his tank. I think i teared his tail xD A bit la. I saw little bits of his tail lying in the sink xD How cruel am i
Daddy gave me this laptop. Wooooooo <span class= Nono, don't ask. The reason why its ontop of the basket is because if its on the bed, it'll be very hard for me to type :D Okay. Daddy also fixed a shelf in my room, just above my bed. LOL. Scared one day i wake up and hit my head on that shelf. HAHAAA. Thanks anyway daddy.
Currently teaching lil sis her ejaan, & at the same time playing with her. I just realize how cute those lil emoticons are. And it totally cute-ens up my post. Wheeee xD HAHAAA.
The End
EUNICEGOH! <span class=
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤