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It's like zero gravity

Helloo readers Blogging a different way this time.

Saturday, July 18 2009 Woke up very late =X As usual la Didn't have violin class, the teacher won't be around for 4 weeks. Awww(: Ate lunch, slack around then mum and dad came back from the hospital. We were all yelling H1N1 xD LOL. Turns out Mei Yan jie jie is delivering her baby today! Wheeee Lil baby girl.
Sincere apologies. Camera sucks. Don't know why. No laa, its all taken by phone. And the flash ah really gek sei people. If the flash is not turned on, it'll look so dark, and can hardy see anything. But when its turned on. I'LL LOOK LIKE I'M HALF DEAD. With my face super duper white and all  Oh well.

Went down to KL with parents & sisters. Head to Central Market at around 5ish. Because mum's friend is having some art exhibition there. Walked around there. She called her friend and found out, the exhibition thingy is next week HAHAHAAAA. Continue walking.

Stupid guy ruin the picture -.- I actual…

What a boring life i live.

Skipped school lol. Not really skipped. Mummy actually let me stay home. Since no teacher will be teaching today. I think. Eugene isnt going to school either. Which means i left Fly alone at school. SORRRYYYY! T.T Have nothing to do. Gonna blog a little A text message woke me up. From Desmond. Which was already 11am. Couldn't find brother anywhere. Maybe he has gone out with daddy. Didn't care and ate my breakfast, studied a little on science and maths. Mathematic is super super difficult. Especially Chapter 6 & 7. This maybe the 2 most complicated and stupid chapters for me. lol
The fighting fish daddy bought for me a week ago is dying soon. Because as i was cleaning his tank. I accidentally dropped him in the sink. And i couldn't pick him up because he was slippery. So he lied there for a few seconds or so. Till i pulled his tail and put him back into his tank. I think i teared his tail xD A bit la. I saw little bits of his tail lying in the sink xD How…


huh? i think I've got a crush on him?

Helloo readers, Lately i've been blogging like some maniac. LOL. I think i should stop. Wheeeeeeee (: I was told there was some performances during Perhimpunan. But sadly i didn't get to watch as i wasn't at Tapak Perhimpunan. Passed Chia Jia her birthday present the first second i step into class xD 

Didn't bring my buku kerja for bm. Nono! Actually, i haven't buy it yet. Haha. After 7 months and i still haven't bought that book. lol. Well, normally if we didn't bring our book Puan Marina wouldn't care and would ask us to just write everything down on a piece of paper. But today was exceptional, the only reason she asked those who didn't bring their book to go out is because the class is too noisy. Screw those asses at the back. So because of them, i had to stand outside class for 2 whole periods. Fly & Romex accompanied me. Such good friends. Not like that Eugene. Heh! Today is the first time i went …