Friday, July 17, 2009 ❣

What a boring life i live.

HELLOO READERS <span class=

Skipped school lol. Not really skipped. Mummy actually let me stay home. Since no teacher will be teaching today. I think. Eugene isnt going to school either. Which means i left Fly alone at school. SORRRYYYY! T.T Have nothing to do. Gonna blog a little
A text message woke me up. From Desmond. Which was already 11am. Couldn't find brother anywhere. Maybe he has gone out with daddy. Didn't care and ate my breakfast, studied a little on science and maths. Mathematic is super super difficult. Especially Chapter 6 & 7. This maybe the 2 most complicated and stupid chapters for me. lol

The fighting fish daddy bought for me a week ago is dying soon. Because as i was cleaning his tank. I accidentally dropped him in the sink. And i couldn't pick him up because he was slippery. So he lied there for a few seconds or so. Till i pulled his tail and put him back into his tank. I think i teared his tail xD A bit la. I saw little bits of his tail lying in the sink xD How cruel am i
Daddy gave me this laptop. Wooooooo <span class= Nono, don't ask. The reason why its ontop of the basket is because if its on the bed, it'll be very hard for me to type :D Okay. Daddy also fixed a shelf in my room, just above my bed. LOL. Scared one day i wake up and hit my head on that shelf. HAHAAA. Thanks anyway daddy.
Currently teaching lil sis her ejaan, & at the same time playing with her. I just realize how cute those lil emoticons are. And it totally cute-ens up my post. Wheeee xD HAHAAA.
The End
EUNICEGOH! <span class=

Monday, July 13, 2009 ❣


huh? i think I've got a crush on him?

Helloo readers, Lately i've been blogging like some maniac. LOL. I think i should stop. Wheeeeeeee (: I was told there was some performances during Perhimpunan. But sadly i didn't get to watch as i wasn't at Tapak Perhimpunan. Passed Chia Jia her birthday present the first second i step into class xD 

Didn't bring my buku kerja for bm. Nono! Actually, i haven't buy it yet. Haha. After 7 months and i still haven't bought that book. lol. Well, normally if we didn't bring our book Puan Marina wouldn't care and would ask us to just write everything down on a piece of paper. But today was exceptional, the only reason she asked those who didn't bring their book to go out is because the class is too noisy. Screw those asses at the back. So because of them, i had to stand outside class for 2 whole periods. Fly & Romex accompanied me. Such good friends. Not like that Eugene. Heh! Today is the first time i went to the canteen in a very very very long time. I usually ask Daniel to buy for me, but today was upside down. I had to buy for him lol. We were so childish. HAHAAA. While Eugene was standing at the window, i sprayed water on him from the other side of the window. But luckily the window was tightly closed. If not, i kena scolded 99. HAHAHAAA. 

Okayy, so i was very full. I BURPED! Frigging loud man! Daniel, Fly, Eugene & Enyi couldn't stop laughing. lol. Eugene even said i don't act like a girl. -.- Went up to 3Cengal for Moral as usual. Gave Amy her birthday present. Oh, happy birthday again. Was sitting comfortably when that stupid Encik Roy asked us to study at that dirty Dewan Gemilang when there is a nice classroom for us. Had to sit on the floor weih. Grrr. Other than that, everything went pretty normal today. DANG IT! I've got tuition tonight :D Byeee

Happy Birthday Amy (: 
Last long with your Jun Kit la :P

Saturday, July 11, 2009 ❣


Happy Birthday. I know you love that awesome comment and text msg i sent to you.And haha, sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night xDWell, you are fifteen. Tho you are still shorter than me, but yeah, you're OLDER! (: Nyek!Get ready to receive the awesome-est birthday present you've ever accept in your entire life! Err, on monday xD Have a nice day :D Wishing you Your happiest Birthday yet, A birthday too special To ever forget. Happy Birthday

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 ❣

Just stop pressuring me

Happy birthday ling ling! (: Hope you like that recording. I sang till no voice tim. And i tried like a thousand times to send that msg, since 12am till 1am. HAHAHA! I know, i'm such a nice person to not sleep and waste my time for you. Have an awesome sweet 15. Injection day. When it was our class' turn. No one wants to go first. Semua orang takut. lolx. HAHA! So eugene be the hero and be the first one they inject. See Teng second, Daniel third, then Enyi, then ME! Damn scary xD HAHA! Felt some kind of liquid thing went in, and when that needle came out.. SO GOD DAMN FKING PAIN! xD After the injection, my legs felt numb, i think. And they were kinda like shaking. Till now, even when i lift my hand too high it starts to hurt. And bro said the pain would last for 2 day. wtf =X Si fatt la. LOL! Oh yeah! Fly was the last one from our class to do the injection. Because she couldnt find that buku kesihatan thingy. Went to Kajang after school for dentist appointment. Bro fixed the broken ps2. So now, sis cant stop playing. -.- And i forgotten to mention. After i lost my phone about a month ago. Since then i haven't been using a phone. So, since dad & mum bought new phones. There is an extra phone now. Mum is using 2 phones. Dad is using his new one. Bro is using dad's old one. And so, bro throw his 'pick-up-from-the-floor' phone to me. Keypad damn hard to press.

Looks okay in picture. Wait till you see it in real life. Just a temporary phone.
okay thats all for today. amy, sandy & kim's birthday coming soon (: so long peepos
PSMy hand is still hurting like shit(:

Monday, July 6, 2009 ❣

Smooth Criminal

Mummy bought this.
Daddy bought this.
LOL. Bad huh. None for me ): Short post. School was good. Fly said that Kai Chen and I talk/act very childish-like. HAHA! With all the fighting and pulling and pushing. LOLOL. Went MPSJ after school. To pay that cukai pintu thing. Went court6 to fetch uncle tee have lunch with us. blah. boringgg. Oh yeah! I was about to text aaron when i was outside his school. But then, i ter-forgot his number. LMAO! So, wtheck la hor? xD haha. But then ter-saw him while having my lunch with em (: Weeee. I can complete a rubix cube within 1min. LOL! I wanna be like joern and finish it within 48 seconds. HAHAHA! Jia you la xDD btw, i love Michael Jackson Especially his so call kukubird dance. LOL! Birthday boys & gals.
3rd July Happy birthday! Finally 14. Heh! I've ate alot on that day LOL. Dou that present i gave you was stupid. But you shall find it useful (:
7th July WOO! Its tomorrow! INJECTION DAY! hahaha! The present school is giving you xD HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY DARLING! LOVE YOU!
There are ALOT of july babies. So i might just be doing birthday post for this month. byebye(:
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤