Tuesday, July 7, 2009 ❣

Just stop pressuring me

Happy birthday ling ling! (: Hope you like that recording. I sang till no voice tim. And i tried like a thousand times to send that msg, since 12am till 1am. HAHAHA! I know, i'm such a nice person to not sleep and waste my time for you. Have an awesome sweet 15. Injection day. When it was our class' turn. No one wants to go first. Semua orang takut. lolx. HAHA! So eugene be the hero and be the first one they inject. See Teng second, Daniel third, then Enyi, then ME! Damn scary xD HAHA! Felt some kind of liquid thing went in, and when that needle came out.. SO GOD DAMN FKING PAIN! xD After the injection, my legs felt numb, i think. And they were kinda like shaking. Till now, even when i lift my hand too high it starts to hurt. And bro said the pain would last for 2 day. wtf =X Si fatt la. LOL! Oh yeah! Fly was the last one from our class to do the injection. Because she couldnt find that buku kesihatan thingy. Went to Kajang after school for dentist appointment. Bro fixed the broken ps2. So now, sis cant stop playing. -.- And i forgotten to mention. After i lost my phone about a month ago. Since then i haven't been using a phone. So, since dad & mum bought new phones. There is an extra phone now. Mum is using 2 phones. Dad is using his new one. Bro is using dad's old one. And so, bro throw his 'pick-up-from-the-floor' phone to me. Keypad damn hard to press.

Looks okay in picture. Wait till you see it in real life. Just a temporary phone.
okay thats all for today. amy, sandy & kim's birthday coming soon (: so long peepos
PSMy hand is still hurting like shit(:

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤