Monday, July 6, 2009 ❣

Smooth Criminal

Mummy bought this.
Daddy bought this.
LOL. Bad huh. None for me ): Short post. School was good. Fly said that Kai Chen and I talk/act very childish-like. HAHA! With all the fighting and pulling and pushing. LOLOL. Went MPSJ after school. To pay that cukai pintu thing. Went court6 to fetch uncle tee have lunch with us. blah. boringgg. Oh yeah! I was about to text aaron when i was outside his school. But then, i ter-forgot his number. LMAO! So, wtheck la hor? xD haha. But then ter-saw him while having my lunch with em (: Weeee. I can complete a rubix cube within 1min. LOL! I wanna be like joern and finish it within 48 seconds. HAHAHA! Jia you la xDD btw, i love Michael Jackson Especially his so call kukubird dance. LOL! Birthday boys & gals.
3rd July Happy birthday! Finally 14. Heh! I've ate alot on that day LOL. Dou that present i gave you was stupid. But you shall find it useful (:
7th July WOO! Its tomorrow! INJECTION DAY! hahaha! The present school is giving you xD HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY DARLING! LOVE YOU!
There are ALOT of july babies. So i might just be doing birthday post for this month. byebye(:

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