Friday, July 17, 2009 ❣

What a boring life i live.

HELLOO READERS <span class=

Skipped school lol. Not really skipped. Mummy actually let me stay home. Since no teacher will be teaching today. I think. Eugene isnt going to school either. Which means i left Fly alone at school. SORRRYYYY! T.T Have nothing to do. Gonna blog a little
A text message woke me up. From Desmond. Which was already 11am. Couldn't find brother anywhere. Maybe he has gone out with daddy. Didn't care and ate my breakfast, studied a little on science and maths. Mathematic is super super difficult. Especially Chapter 6 & 7. This maybe the 2 most complicated and stupid chapters for me. lol

The fighting fish daddy bought for me a week ago is dying soon. Because as i was cleaning his tank. I accidentally dropped him in the sink. And i couldn't pick him up because he was slippery. So he lied there for a few seconds or so. Till i pulled his tail and put him back into his tank. I think i teared his tail xD A bit la. I saw little bits of his tail lying in the sink xD How cruel am i
Daddy gave me this laptop. Wooooooo <span class= Nono, don't ask. The reason why its ontop of the basket is because if its on the bed, it'll be very hard for me to type :D Okay. Daddy also fixed a shelf in my room, just above my bed. LOL. Scared one day i wake up and hit my head on that shelf. HAHAAA. Thanks anyway daddy.
Currently teaching lil sis her ejaan, & at the same time playing with her. I just realize how cute those lil emoticons are. And it totally cute-ens up my post. Wheeee xD HAHAAA.
The End
EUNICEGOH! <span class=

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