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Hellooo. Ignore ignore.Lack of picture la okay ;D

Short update. Holiday is the time to *coughs* study *coughs again*, and yes, i know its late. But that *coughs* ANG KAI CHEN ask me to update. lol. So i'm here to type and waste time. roflmao. Okayy, my fingers are tired already. Bye.

Signing off x.

Tell me - Wonder Girls

I love


Eventho my friends told me you don't a thousand times. But I can't stop myself from thinking that you still do. And i'm just too gut-less to ask you myself. Seen as you look at her everytime she pass by. Yeah, i notice. I hope this is not all a game to you. I'll be waiting for the truth to one day come out from your mouth. I don't want to be right. Till that day comes, i'll be here.

Helloo love. Its been awhile since I uploaded a picture of myself.
Okay, not that long actually x) I just came back from Genting
I bought alot of rubbish/clothes there
And I didnt even bring money up. HaI wasted alot of mummy's money. And she let me. lolWatched Up. Nice movie. Funny actually.
Genting's cinema was 10times colder than the normal one.
I heard my darling Melissa was sick. And i'm worry now :(I miss SOMEONE real bad.
And i'm still looking for someone to accompany me to Time Square.
Ahh, i'm done. Lame right? But heck i'm saving alot of time now.


Don't just CLICK!WATCH (:
Happy belated birthday love <3 Sorry for the fucking belated! ): No time man! i heart GD! And oh i just love this pic!

Short update. I won't be going to school tomorrow. Going up to Genting tonight, till Friday. See Teng going on saturday. Ahh, got party then. Can't go with her. Sobs. Anyway, i needa buy SOMETHING. And holidays are near. Time Square anyone? And btw,
BM - Dont know yet. English - 78% Maths - 59% Science - 53% Geografi - 77% Sejarah - 72% KH - 52% Seni - 65% P.Moral - 76%
I love my awesome & understanding MOTHER! :D I crave for more freedom last year. And a few months ago i just realized that I had to earn it. Now i got it =) I love you mummy!
And OMG i know! H1N1 D: I'm drinking as much water as I can now.
I'm out! Peacee :D
G-Dragon-Gossip Man

I was wrong, forgive me.

ILOVE♥ Kwon Ji Yong, G-Dragon.

His birthday is soon eee :D Was coughing like hell once I reached school. Sore throat, you can imagine the pain i was going thru when i coughed. Hurt like shit. Many wasn't in school. So, those teachers didn't teach at all. Got punish by En. Ghalib for not bringing baju sukan during PJK. Lame. He forced us to copy this fugging long karangan. Hmph _|_ But i wasn't that stupid to copy all, lol. I only copied 2 paragraphs. Nono, less than that. Went back to class with a running nose. Crapped talked in class about BIGBANG & TVXQ almost the whole day with Enyi & Fly. And also gossiping about some lame stuffs. Hahaa. After school, daddy came abit late. Not much people then. Saw Kai Chen, so we chatted a while. So.. Thats about it la.

Oh yeah, came home and still coughing like some mad woman. And not to mention my nose bleed three times. The blood didnt stop for quite a while. Used damn alot of tissue. Mummy even worse, she told me she fel…

I stand alone

Exam results came back. Got 73% for my Geografi. 67% for my sejarah and 59% for my maths. I'm such a loser =X Anywayy, i'm just here to post some lame conversation i had with Eugene during tuition just now x) Have no idea why is he starting to talk like some old man with no teeth. Or maybe he is just speaking in broken english and not to mention he speaks with all his words stick together. Or maybe theres a problem with my hearing. LOL. I couldn't understand a word he says xD

thoughts, feelings & actions that is not said out loud
Woon Eugene

he takes my phone and reads my msg
Eh! You like ppl calling you this meh? 
Anything also can la. Its still my name wert.
But you like people to call you eunice most ah?
LMAOO xDD laughs laughs till stomach pain

  few minutes later.

Eh, comfortable or not your new pyjamas?
Comfortable ah. Why? You want to wear ah?
No la, the dress reach until where ah?
wtf xD what kind of broken…

Haru haru

I thought I wouldn't be able to live even one day without you
But somehow I managed to live on longer than I thought.

Since [someone] is forcing me to update, this is going to be a boring post. Ahh, well, the problem is I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT! Omgee =X Nothing special happen lately, just school school school. Exams are over btw, but PMR is just around the corner. Gahh, i dont know how many times have i repeat myself ;D Currently on youtube, listening to BIGBANG-Haru Haru. Ahhh! Its a nice song, tho its kinda old. But i lovee it. And look, it was posted up last year ON MY BIRTHDAY! How awesome is that. HAHAHAAA.

And eh! I already made 4 people addicted to this song, just by sending the link to em, so you people who are reading this better get addicted too eh. Btw, i ain't gonna use friendster anymore. Facebook is way better. lmao. Yes i know, its very late & i have school tomorrow. 

So bye. 

Out Cold

Okay today woke up at 6am, went for the Mcdonaldsrun thing. 7.5km with joern's and calvin's family, as usual. Ate pork noodle after that, omfg! Joern & I ate 2 bowls. 

HOW CUTE IS HE! WOOOOO! xD HAHAHA! I'm so bored. And i feel so lifeless now weih. I'm broke. Out of cash. Because i just went present shopping. So many to buy. lol. Nvm, i feel generous (: OKAY. I DELETED THOSE FRIGGING RETARDED PICTURES OF ME. AS THEY WERE JUST TOO DISTURBING. AND NOT TO MENTION THEY WERE POLLUTING MY BLOG! LMAOxD
Anywayy, i cant wait for school tomorrow. I'm gonna be santa, giving out presents xDHAHAHAAAA. Oh someone kill me please, i'm bored! ): I think i shall be dying soon. Study? BORING. Sleep? I've practically slept the whole day man. Online? No one to chat with! Text? OH, TOO LAZY (: Lifeless? Yes i knowwww. Man, i cant wait for school tomorrow. ohoh! Jowie & joern are here. weeee(: BYE BYEEE.

Caught cheating in exam.

All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.

Helloo Readers
Short update. Gahhh! I have no fugging idea whats wrong with my laptop. Last night, it keeps on restarting every 5 minutes. About 4 times already. Just for a while laa. And now, theres no sound coming out. Yes yes, i've check the volume and all that things. Ahhh, its dying soon. Hrmph! But, i'm still using it. Heh! Help me anyone?

Mistaken, today is only the 3rd week. Still no violin class. HAHAHAHA! Btw, I added that nuffnang poll and happy meter thingy to me sidebar. Go see yea =)

Mhmmmm, yesterdays exam was okay. Oh and did i mention my sejarah paper was confiscated by Pn Haslinda during the exam. All thanks to Romex for turning around and talking to me. LMAO! Nahhh, its not your fault. But if i get a gigantic EGG for my test, THEN I'LL BLAME YOU! ROAR! Either way, i'm still gonna love ya xD Hahahaaaa. I'm being so random now. LOL.

Parents went up to Gent…

Late & exam!

Helloo Readers

I'm still gonna smile even if it hurts real bad.

i decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; i never expected it to do anything special for me, yet i seemed to accomplish far more than i had ever hoped. most of the time it just happened to me without me ever seeking it.

Such a boring day. Was late for school, reach school around 7.55am. Which was just on time, as exam was already starting. Bm, science and geografi. I stayed in class almost the whole day, as i was just too lazy to move my big, gigantic ass. Listening to Fly, Eugene, Chia Jia, En yi & Daniel talk crap is actually quite interesting. To tell the truth, i feel much comfortable watching you guys smiling and laughing like some mad cow. It brings me joy watching you guys making a fool out of yourselves. Trying hard and making up lame jokes just to cheer me up. You guys really are part of me. I love you maniacs laaa.

I'm coming down with flu, i'm coughing like some crazy woman. So…

If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend.

Nono, its suppose to be 'If you should die before me, so be it!'. LOL xD HAHAHA
Helloo Readers Its only the second day of the week and I'm already all jittery. LOL. Not because of exams. Well, maybe. But something else seems to be troubling me. And did I mention today was a perfectly fucked up day? Everything happen without any particular reason. But heh! I'm glad to have them by my side =) Consoling & cheering me on. Me love you guys!
After THAT post, my blog seems to be packed with visitors today. You people could have come earlier. I already deleted it last night. Just so you know, it was about jia yan. And this will be the first and last time her name appears in my blog. 
Tho its now the past, I'm still mad, i'm still pissed off, i'm still disappointed. But for once in my life, I'll try to act like a mature adult and put all that behind me and just move on. I don't need friends like you girl(singular). I don't think if i could even call yo…

To make a wish on a shooting star

Hellooo Readers

Its the first day of August! And I'm exceptionally happy today =) August is a month of wishes to be made and to make come true. Wheee :D I'm suddenly all hyper ehh. AHHHH xD I'm just here to post crap. HAHAHA! Going for the ermm. Adidas King of the Roadrun tomorrow. Another 8km. LOL! Isshh. School is going too. I think? Not sure xD I heard those lame teachers forcing inocent students to register. Tsk tsk. Pity pity =X Okayy. I'm done here x) Bye byee pretty peoplee! ^.<

Signing off. x.EUNICEGOH!'