Saturday, August 8, 2009 ❣

Caught cheating in exam.

All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.

Helloo Readers

Short update.
Gahhh! I have no fugging idea whats wrong with my laptop. Last night, it keeps on restarting every 5 minutes. About 4 times already. Just for a while laa. And now, theres no sound coming out. Yes yes, i've check the volume and all that things. Ahhh, its dying soon. Hrmph! But, i'm still using it. Heh! Help me anyone?

Mistaken, today is only the 3rd week. Still no violin class. HAHAHAHA! Btw, I added that nuffnang poll and happy meter thingy to me sidebar. Go see yea =)

Mhmmmm, yesterdays exam was okay. Oh and did i mention my sejarah paper was confiscated by Pn Haslinda during the exam. All thanks to Romex for turning around and talking to me. LMAO! Nahhh, its not your fault. But if i get a gigantic EGG for my test, THEN I'LL BLAME YOU! ROAR! Either way, i'm still gonna love ya xD Hahahaaaa. I'm being so random now. LOL.

Parents went up to Genting, again *grins* Calvin's parents fetch him over as they were tagging along with daddy and mummy. Gahh! I just love it when no adults are home xD FREEDOM! Went to mamak at night around 10. Walked there with bro and Calvin. It was frigging dark so we couldn't bring the sisters. HAHAAA. Ahhh, Calvin brought a stick thingy along and acted like a blind fella. Almost everyone was staring at us. Lame. Reach there and suddenly not feel hungry anymore. So we end up going to the nearest kedai runcit and bought some cup noodles and junk food home.

Returned Jack his phone already. I'm using my brother's phone. Leaving him with nothing to use. I'm so cruel huh? I knoowww. Ahhh, he might take it back later. But anyway, we should still keep in touch. *bigwidesmile*

Bye byee

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