Wednesday, August 19, 2009 ❣


Don't just CLICK! WATCH (:

Happy belated birthday love <3
Sorry for the fucking belated! ): No time man!
i heart GD! And oh i just love this pic!

Short update.
I won't be going to school tomorrow. Going up to Genting tonight, till Friday. See Teng going on saturday. Ahh, got party then. Can't go with her. Sobs. Anyway, i needa buy SOMETHING. And holidays are near. Time Square anyone? And btw,

BM - Dont know yet.
English - 78%
Maths - 59%
Science - 53%
Geografi - 77%
Sejarah - 72%
KH - 52%
Seni - 65%
P.Moral - 76%

I love my awesome & understanding MOTHER! :D I crave for more freedom last year. And a few months ago i just realized that I had to earn it. Now i got it =) I love you mummy!

And OMG i know! H1N1 D: I'm drinking as much water as I can now.

I'm out!
Peacee :D

G-Dragon-Gossip Man

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