Friday, August 21, 2009 ❣


Eventho my friends told me you don't a thousand times. But I can't stop myself from thinking that you still do. And i'm just too gut-less to ask you myself. Seen as you look at her everytime she pass by. Yeah, i notice. I hope this is not all a game to you. I'll be waiting for the truth to one day come out from your mouth. I don't want to be right. Till that day comes, i'll be here.

Helloo love. Its been awhile since I uploaded a picture of myself.
Okay, not that long actually x)
  • I just came back from Genting
  • I bought alot of rubbish/clothes there
  • And I didnt even bring money up. Ha
  • I wasted alot of mummy's money. And she let me. lol
  • Watched Up. Nice movie. Funny actually.
  • Genting's cinema was 10times colder than the normal one.
  • I heard my darling Melissa was sick. And i'm worry now :(
  • I miss SOMEONE real bad.
  • And i'm still looking for someone to accompany me to Time Square.
Ahh, i'm done. Lame right? But heck i'm saving alot of time now.
HAHAHAA. Anyway. Bye!

Woon Eugene once told me
'You live to have fun. So smile because everything shall be over soon'


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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤