Wednesday, August 12, 2009 ❣

I stand alone


Exam results came back. Got 73% for my Geografi. 67% for my sejarah and 59% for my maths. I'm such a loser =X Anywayy, i'm just here to post some lame conversation i had with Eugene during tuition just now x) Have no idea why is he starting to talk like some old man with no teeth. Or maybe he is just speaking in broken english and not to mention he speaks with all his words stick together. Or maybe theres a problem with my hearing. LOL. I couldn't understand a word he says xD

thoughts, feelings & actions that is not said out loud 

Woon Eugene

he takes my phone and reads my msg

Eh! You like ppl calling you this meh? 
Anything also can la. Its still my name wert.
But you like people to call you eunice most ah?
LMAOO xDD laughs laughs till stomach pain

  few minutes later.

 Eh, comfortable or not your new pyjamas?
Comfortable ah. Why? You want to wear ah?
No la, the dress reach until where ah?
wtf xD what kind of broken english xD
What?!? I what just dance?
Huh? What ah?
Suddenly we both became blur and started laughing for no reason.

Ahhh, these past few days, i've been keeping myself busy surfing the net to know more about my beloved G-Dragon(leader of bigbang). And i've been none stop saving his pictures. Saved 400 of his pictures already, and only in 2 days. HAHAHAAA. Now is not the time to develop a new obsession, PMR LA WEIH! But its so hard to resist. I'm sooo in love =X One look at his smile and you'll MELT! Omgggggggg. He's gorgeous laa wtflol ;D I wanna be Mrs Kwon Ji Yong so badly right now! LOOOL! Randomness xD Ignore ignore


Time for bed.
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