Friday, August 14, 2009 ❣

I was wrong, forgive me.

ILOVE Kwon Ji Yong, G-Dragon.

His birthday is soon eee :D Was coughing like hell once I reached school. Sore throat, you can imagine the pain i was going thru when i coughed. Hurt like shit. Many wasn't in school. So, those teachers didn't teach at all. Got punish by En. Ghalib for not bringing baju sukan during PJK. Lame. He forced us to copy this fugging long karangan. Hmph _|_ But i wasn't that stupid to copy all, lol. I only copied 2 paragraphs. Nono, less than that. Went back to class with a running nose. Crapped talked in class about BIGBANG & TVXQ almost the whole day with Enyi & Fly. And also gossiping about some lame stuffs. Hahaa. After school, daddy came abit late. Not much people then. Saw Kai Chen, so we chatted a while. So.. Thats about it la.

Oh yeah, came home and still coughing like some mad woman. And not to mention my nose bleed three times. The blood didnt stop for quite a while. Used damn alot of tissue. Mummy even worse, she told me she felt like fainting and vomiting when she was at work D: Ahh, everyone is sick :( Thanks Jiahui, Fly & Carrie for caring. And also my baby :)

Love you <3
Bye xo's BIGBANG-Lies

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