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Family and BFF!

BIGBANG FIGHTING! :D Iloveyou jiyongie. Lately i've been dreaming about you too much. One day, i will fly to korea to meet you guys :O G-Dragon - Butterfly

PMR is in 14 days people.
Sunday, September 20 2009 Got dragged outta my dreams by mummy at 8am. Waited for Jowie & Joern to come over & we headed off to Putrajaya. Attended our Prime Minister's open house. Sadly they don't serve pork there. HAHAHAH! Oh yeah, the food. OMG, the fried rice frigging makes you feel like vomiting after putting it in your mouth. After that horrible experience. We went to our Prime Minister's house. Which take like forever to reach. So many goddamn people man. Pushing & leaning & breathing on each other & not to mention scolding. Kinda reminds me of Roxy Summer Splash 08. wtflol. Went back home. Showered, packed our stuffs. And head toJoern's place. Overnight there. Mcdonald at night. Fat! Then mamak again.

Reporter, Me So how was it coming up here? Hot la. So many friggi…