Wednesday, September 23, 2009 ❣

Family and BFF!

BIGBANG FIGHTING! :D Iloveyou jiyongie.
Lately i've been dreaming about you too much.
One day, i will fly to korea to meet you guys :O
G-Dragon - Butterfly

PMR is in 14 days people.

Sunday, September 20 2009
Got dragged outta my dreams by mummy at 8am. Waited for Jowie & Joern to come over & we headed off to Putrajaya. Attended our Prime Minister's open house. Sadly they don't serve pork there. HAHAHAH! Oh yeah, the food. OMG, the fried rice frigging makes you feel like vomiting after putting it in your mouth. After that horrible experience. We went to our Prime Minister's house. Which take like forever to reach. So many goddamn people man. Pushing & leaning & breathing on each other & not to mention scolding. Kinda reminds me of Roxy Summer Splash 08. wtflol. Went back home. Showered, packed our stuffs. And head toJoern's place. Overnight there. Mcdonald at night. Fat! Then mamak again.

Reporter, Me
So how was it coming up here?
Hot la. So many frigging people.
How does it feel after reaching the prime minister's home?
Good good. Very xin fen ah. (excited)

Oh? Why so?
Because got aircond la. So cooling.
Then Joern & sis started laughing behind.
Woon Eugene said Waaa. You cave man ah? See aircond then xin fen. HAHA

May looks like water. But actually its sweat.

Lots and lots of sweat. As there was just so many people pushing.

And then it rained. So daddy & mummy had to hold a rubbish bag over the princess.

At Joern's place with her baby photo xD

Jowie @ mamak :)


She kept watching this video

And she fell in love with him =X

Then we decided to search for videos on 'CHILD ABUSE' on Youtube. Scary :O

Monday, 21 September 2009
Day trip. Woke up at 7am and just remembered was at Joern's place. Lying on the floor. So we got ready and head to Simpang Pulai. Reached the water fall around 10am. Water was frigging cold :O Then went to the hot spring. Which was frigging hot. Haha! When we were done with our 'playing'. It was already 5pm. Off to the temple we go! HAHA. After that we had our dinner and went to Ipoh. Shopped at Jusco till 9pm. Had supper and hear old people sing. Haha. Bid our goodbyes. And head home. My ass was frigging pain. Sitting in the car for such a long time. Finally reached home at 2am. Took a shower and went into my beautiful dreams.

Borrowed from Calvin :D

Retard. HAHA

Retard-er. wtflol! HAHA


Calvin & I.

That Joern at other people's office also want to watch that video. HAHA



Joern & I.

Chinese tea x)

Tuesday, 22 September
Had a wonderful dream! But yet i can't believe i woke up with tears all over my face. Okay, so mum woke me up around the afternoon. Went to Mei Yan jie jie's house. Played with baby Ken Wei & Kay Lin. Eeek. Then i had to rush back home. Because Eugene said he is already at my house waiting. Screw him. So when i reached home. I saw him playing dota. This is what i call no manners. Play with others computer without asking. Hmph. He came over to study. Mum went out to buy chicken rice for us. Heh! Eugene went home around 7pm.

Ken Wei :D Cutee

Kay Lin :D



I burn my hand because of Eugene. And now i have to hold my pen like this :D

Forced him to watch music bank with me :D
Forced him to scream when we saw G-Dragon performed! hahaha
I love you Kwon Ji Yong []!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009
Suppose to go to Eugene's place but couldn't wake up on time. So yeah, staying at home and study. No pictures x)

After PMR,
Its straight to LOWYAT :D
To buy new phone & GD's album!

Signing off
Oh Patrick Star
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤