Tuesday, September 8, 2009 ❣

Friends and cousins.

Wasting some time here. Don't really have much these days as PMR is just 29 days away. Anyway, good luck to all UPSR people.

First of all. This is the poster I was talking about. We did this very NOT NICE poster. Within a short period of time. But still ok ma, hor? x) Spot my name down there EUNICEJIYONG

Friday, September 4 2009
School, blah. STML, can't remember what happened. Got packing and set off to Cameron Highlands with family and the cousins around 7pm. It was boring having to sit and not move for 5 whole hours. Don't know what i was doing the whole time. Reach the scary apartment at around 12am. lol. Went to bed at 3am.

Crazy woman x)

Saturday, September 5 2009
After sleeping so late, i still manage to wake up at 8am. Don't know what woke me up. Brush up and had breakfast. Shopped around. Ahh, hung around at the apartment, i think? Can't remember. Went to pasar malam at night. Bought some stuffs for my lovely friends. Hah. Went back and mummy started telling ghost stories about the old apartment. lol. Games, jokes, the usual laa. Slept at 3am again. Heh!


Sunday, September 6 2009
And again, after sleeping so late. I still manage to wake up so early. HAHA. Drove around. *coughs* I don't really know where were we going. lol. haha. Shopped at a place *coughs* don't know where. Then went to a playground with the cousins. Went jogging with family around 5pm. Cooling dou sei. At the same time tired dou sei as it was all up mountain. Yi jong teach me to say SKF. Means SUN KAO FU. lol. haha. At night, [someone] got drunk. HAHA. There was just too much to drink. Slept at 3am.

Bro & Jowie infront

Jogging :) Tired dou sei. All the way 5km up hill. o.O


Nah! This is the woman that got drunk xD AHAHA

Monday, September 7 2009
Woke up at around 10am. Packed our stuffs and head home. On the way, had some VERY DELICIOUS strawberry ice-cream. Yummmyy! *drools and licks* Had lunch at somewhere around Perak. Slept in the car and suddenly we reach the jejantas at Sungei Buloh. Bid our goodbyes and we went our seperate ways. Us and the cousins la i mean. Had tuition at night. Crap talked with Eugene as usual. Didn't charge the phone, so not much pictures.

This aunty's socks/slippers/STYLE so yeng leh? HAHAHA!

Tuesday, September 8 2009 (TODAY)

Be Santa Claus and hand out the souvenirs i bought from Cameron Highland for my lovely friends. Hah! Hope they like them. Same old things happening at school. Did some revision on maths and geografi with Fly *coughs* will be calling her Melissa from now on. Heh! Play some childish games during Moral. Daddy came pick me up at 2.50pm T.T Waited so long. Standing there all alone. Hmph!

My leader EUGENE. Sleeping while picking his nose when teacher is teaching.
Little kids must learn yeah! ^^

Okay i'm done. I was doing Geografi while updating. xD HAHAA.
The pictures take like forever to upload. =)

Signing off

BIGBANG - Gara Gara Go

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