Saturday, September 19, 2009 ❣

Because I love you.

Eugene & I. This was taken months back. I think it was when he accompanied me to remake my ATM card after school. Such a goood friend. Currently lack of pictures okay.

Studying now. Only allowed to use computer for one hour. So i'm gonna make this quick :D

Starting from

Wednesday, September 16 2009.
So our banner was hung up on the walls. For everyone to see. Was during exam when Jia Jia told us our banner got 2nd place. lol. Was shocked. Because we were just fooling around with that cloth. HAHA. So we got our hamper. Before recess, the food inside was already half finish by us. Daniel's phone got confiscated by teacher. All our pictures are in his phone D: Poor cow. After school, stayed back and study with Jasmine, Ling & Romex. Went home, shower, study, sleep.

Few weeks ago in the Bilik Seni.
Teacher, Us. (translation) xD
Dah siap? (Done?)
Yes teacher.
Tulis la kelas. Kenapa tulis nama pulak. (Write your class la. What for write your names?)
Aiyo, kami tak akan menang punya la teacher. (Aiyo, we won't be winning anyway)
I knoww, it was lame of me to put translation. HAHA!

This was all thats left of the hamper, since we rip the whole thing. Haha!
Will get the pictures from Daniel's phone once he has got it back.

Thursday, September 17 2009.
Short term memory lost. Forgot what happen again. Remembered staying back after school and studying with Jasmine, Ling & Romex again. Angel ffk-ed. No transport D: Crazy people, study half way went and order Mcdonald. HAH! Teacher chase us outta school at 3pm. :O Went home, shower, study, sleep.

Friday, September 18 2009.
As you all know, friday was a public holiday. But we went to school anyway. Extra class from Puan Nurlina. Eugene reach my place around 7.30am. Mum fetched us to school at 8.45am. Met up with Enyi, Jia Jia & Daniel. Turns out Pn Nurlina wasn't there yet. So, Enyi's daddy fetch us to mamak. 4 people cramp in the back of a Hyundai. haha. But still, thank you uncle :D Ate our breakfast & walked back to school. Went into class. Time passed by fast. Waited at bus stop for mum. Enyi was bullying me. She claims that bigbang said that they have no brain. Which turns out they did :O Eugene & I went back at 1pm. Attended violin class at 6pm. Wanted to buy books. But the shop was closed, AGAIN. -.- Went home, shower, study, sleep. Got into a fight with sis. Tragedy.

From Enyi's blog. Teaching him to do the time counting. lol.

Saturday, September 19 2009
Here i am now! Won't be going anywhere later. I think? One of my fan is here! Aka my sis's friend. HAHAAA. Had dinner at a restaurant opposite Jusco. Sis's lil friend came along too. After dinner, went to Jusco. Ditched the family and went to speedy. Looked for QQ. Chat awhile and went home already. Joern & Jowie is here. Watching Hanah Montana the movie now. They came to celebrate Joern's birthday. So i'm gonna be fat and eat lotsa cakee!!

I'm seriously bored now. Don't know where he went to. Miss youu D:


Signing off.

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