Tuesday, September 1, 2009 ❣

I can't breathe!

Helloo :)
A current non stop watch :D

I prefer Breathe. There i see my baby smile alot. Chioo =O But still, i love heartbreaker too x) SEXAY&HOTT. wtflol!

Nyways, will be leaving my blog dead for a while. At least until after PMR. Well, won't leave it completely dead. Will find time. Heh! :)

Ahh, today school started. After the boring one week holiday. Okay, everything was going great. NOOO. Not all great. Fly did not come to school. Which leave me all alone and missing her badly. And she said she won't be in school for the whole MONTH! I shall die! D: Skip skip. Got caught by Puan Nurlina for not pin-ing up my hair & also dying my hair?! WTFLOL. That women just doesn't get it huh. I said i didn't dye means didn't la. Screw her!

Day passed so quickly. Well, not really. Strange, I can't seem to remember anything about any teachers coming into class to teach. lolhaha. I just remembered talking to the awesome friends and laughing my effing ass off. Haha. And yeah, Daniel, Eugene, ChiaJia, EnYi, SeeTeng & I went to bilik seni during the last period. As we had to finish off our VERY BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART *coughs* EXCUSE FOR A POSTER FOR MERDEKA THINGY. lol. It looks awesome =X To me la. HAHA. Evendou merdeka is over. EnYi said that pertandingan won't EXPIRE(laughs) till 5th of September.

Okayy, i'm bored now and will continue doing the geografi latihan daddy ask me to do.
So here i wish my GOOD(?) friend ANG KAI CHEN


Yeah, i know its tomorrow. And just another few hours away. But by then i won't have the time or mood to blog anymore. haha. So, Happy 15 birthday. May all your wishes come true. *coughs* I don't owe you anything. No presents whatsoever =X HAHAAA. Joking. Nah, i mean it actually =X Gosh, i'm mean. Finding your pictures take hard work. Because you don't even take pictures. lol. But, thank me. I found a retarded one :D

Okay bye

Signing off

G-Dragon - Breathe

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  1. hello~
    nice to meet you .
    r u like korean singer too ~ ? =]


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤