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Badminton night with Carrie Yong!

Lack of pictures again D: 
And, sorry ya ling. I can't think of a decent title. HAHA!

Helloo readers.
Look, as you all know. Its not me to update my blog every single day. But since my friends are somehow talking me into it. I guess for this coming holiday, maybe i will. HAHA! I love my stupid friends! *oops* I like going around traumatizing and irritating them. Heh! Well, guess its just my forte. Heh!
You guys should the korean version of twitter right? Well if you don't its call me2DAY. And as you know GD has a me2DAY account. Wheee! (lol. that was so unnecessary) And *coughs* as you all can see, the whole site is all in korean. So after clicking & clicking for some time. I finally manage to signup! xD And i'm berry berry happy! Heh! And not to mention I also manage to upload a picture! Yes, I know i'm smart :P Its call SKILLS okay :P Not luck.
Go visit!
I know, but thats all i can do :O

And i have no work today. Whee!! *screams* Going to Carrie's house later around…

Another day in school.

Helloo sweethearts :D
Ling says all of my title very weird. Because it doesn't have anything to do with my post. HAHA! So from now on, i'll put better titles.
So like I said in my last post. I went to school today. After missing them so badly, I finally see them today. Heh! Happy :D I forgot what we did to day already. lol. I know xD My brain not functioning right. But who cares la. I have work tomorrow D: AHHHH! Sien dou sei yo! ._. 7 hours of sitting on that chair. Getting fatter and fatter :O
So we practically walked the whole school today. And played badminton with carrie a while. Ahh, I say already la. We walked the whole school today. Over and over and over and over again.
#1 Eh, i deleted the message already. So I just agak agak write what he sent to me. KaiChen says:- Her (carrie) blog everyday also got update. Your blog ah. One week update one time only ._.
#2 Me: Very sien lo. Go home nothing to do D: (and i keep complaining the whole day. Yes, very irritating leh. HAHA!) L…

Work work work!

Helloo sweetheart :D Miss me? I know you did :O I'll just post about what has been happening for the pass week. As you all know. I just started work. And its really killing me D: I miss lying on my living room floor, eating junk food and rotting like nobody's business :(

Eh. I got the dates mix up. So i'm not gonna put in dates xD I'll just post all the pictures I have in my phone and just add captions to them. HAHA!

I remember being bored during training.  So I played with the push pins on mummy's office desk x)

And after the second day of work.  Mum brought me for Japanese @ Nippon Tei at KLCC.
And then Jowie came to my place :P

And the next day I went to his place for basketball.

And this crazy woman started talking on the phone while lying in the middle of the court.

Okayy. I'm done here. I've been feeling very stress lately.  So i'm going to school to see my beloved friends tomorrow :D
EUNICEJIYONG Signing off. x.


Helloo bitches :D
LOL, Sorry. I know my usual greeting sentence is 'Helloo sweethearts :D' But yeah. Seriously in a fucked up mood now. Why? Because I just found out some little. Yes I mean little. Some little bitches and bastards have been ripping off from my blog. How I know? Because my initials are still there. And they are also stupid enough to not rename the file. _|_ I shall strangle you biatch! Watch me!

Heh! I'm saving up to buy BigBang's BigShow dvd. Which cost RM195 :O And yess! EnYi was right. After buying those very big posters, you really don't want to stick it up on you wall. I mean like seriously. You'll feel very reluctant. Well, at least I do. And I'm so afraid I accidentally rip it or tear it or something. So now, it all under my bed safe and sound. And as flat as they can be. HAHA!

OMGG! Gaho has like gotten so big right. :O Never in my life have i ever wished i was a dog. lol. But my baby GD really made it happen.

G-Dragon's 'Heartbre…

Baby GD's first solo album.

Helloo sweethearts :D

First things first. I AM BERRY HAPPY! Why? O.o BECAUSE!
*Jeng jeng jeng*
*jeng jeng jeng again*
I finally bought it :D After 2 months! My baby GD's solo album! Wheee!
All this cost RM145.90. But thank you Romex and JiaYan who bought me the BigBang pillow & key chain. So I only paid RM111 :D Hehe! Love you guys! Okay. So let the blogging begin! lol. I'm gonna keep it short today. Kinda lazy & tired now.
Woke up around 10am or so. Brush up, got dressed and mummy fetched JiaYan & I to Time Square. Well my main reason to go there is to buy my love's solo album. So of course the first place we went to is to MyStar. I bought so many useless things. HAHAHA! Nahh, not that useless. Just some pins & key chains *coughs* i mean alot. Hahaha! :P Then we went to Gasoline for something to eat. Bumped into Romex, ShunKin, ShunKen & YewKhang. Coincidently la. HAHAH! We didn't even know they were there. So they ate with us. Shopped …

16 Passion outing!

Helloo sweethearts :D

Just came home after the berry long day. And I have frigging alot to type! HAHAHA! Anyway, hope you don't fall asleep while reading. Enjoy! Or maybe you can just skip the words and just enjoy the pictures? HAHAH! Don't you dare! I type for you! So you must read!
The only reason I went to school today is because we are suppose to return our school books. Ahh, so I did. School was boring shit. CLG's fighting again. Typical right? Misunderstanding again I suppose? Melissa & i tried our best to help, but guess everything turned out differently. So, can't do much. Skip :D
We, 16Passion (not including Jia & Melissa) rushed to 7-11's bus stop right after school. But thanks to Woon Eugene, we missed the bus. Because we had to wait for him while he goes in and buy something. So then we had to wait for another bus. It was so hot! Like seriously, frigging hot.. We talked too loud and this pengawas pss dude came talk to us about taxi. lol. Haha. So …