Tuesday, October 27, 2009 ❣

Another day in school.

Helloo sweethearts :D
Ling says all of my title very weird. Because it doesn't have anything to do with my post. HAHA! So from now on, i'll put better titles.

So like I said in my last post. I went to school today. After missing them so badly, I finally see them today. Heh! Happy :D I forgot what we did to day already. lol. I know xD My brain not functioning right. But who cares la. I have work tomorrow D: AHHHH! Sien dou sei yo! ._. 7 hours of sitting on that chair. Getting fatter and fatter :O

So we practically walked the whole school today. And played badminton with carrie a while. Ahh, I say already la. We walked the whole school today. Over and over and over and over again.

Eh, i deleted the message already. So I just agak agak write what he sent to me.
KaiChen says:-
Her (carrie) blog everyday also got update. Your blog ah. One week update one time only ._.

Me: Very sien lo. Go home nothing to do D:
(and i keep complaining the whole day. Yes, very irritating leh. HAHA!)
Ling: Go home sleep lo. UPDATE YOUR BLOG LO.
Me: Nothing to write ahhh.
Ling: Write about how much you love your GDragon also can ma.
(and something la. I forgot already. HAHA!)

My blog is dead already la. I knoww. So i'll blog more xD
Okay, now don't you think this post is full of BROKEN ENGLISH? xD HAHA! So not me huh?

And even though i'm so busy. I'm still doing my stalk my baby GDragon through the internet all night program. HAHA!

You very slow people! Yes you are. If you haven't watch what i'm about to show you. Then you are very super duper ultra SLOW! Because these are old news. Well, not that old la. HAHA!
Yang Jung Ah and the others are such fangirls! HAHA! I want jiyong's number eh D:

And have you guys watch this?
If you haven't. Go watch now! OMG its so beautiful :O

Okay laa.
I'm done here.


Signing off.

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