Friday, October 16, 2009 ❣

Baby GD's first solo album.

Helloo sweethearts :D

First things first.
Why? O.o
*Jeng jeng jeng*


*jeng jeng jeng again*

I finally bought it :D After 2 months! My baby GD's solo album! Wheee!Emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos

All this cost RM145.90. But thank you Romex and JiaYan who bought me the BigBang pillow & key chain. So I only paid RM111 :D Hehe! Love you guys! Okay. So let the blogging begin! lol. I'm gonna keep it short today. Kinda lazy & tired now.

Woke up around 10am or so. Brush up, got dressed and mummy fetched JiaYan & I to Time Square. Well my main reason to go there is to buy my love's solo album. So of course the first place we went to is to MyStar. I bought so many useless things. HAHAHA! Nahh, not that useless. Just some pins & key chains *coughs* i mean alot. Hahaha! :P Then we went to Gasoline for something to eat. Bumped into Romex, ShunKin, ShunKen & YewKhang. Coincidently la. HAHAH! We didn't even know they were there. So they ate with us. Shopped awhile. Then the guys went back early. Awww D: So JiaYan & I walked to Sungei Wang. Then to Pavilion.

Short term memory lost. I can't remember a thing. So i just let the pictures do the talking alright :D But just so you know. My camera dropped on the floor D: So it can get ready to go into the dustbin already. But see! I love it so much so i'm still using it! Whee. Sorry it you can't see D: And also, sorry pictures aren't in order. Lazy yo :D

JiaYan & Kim Hyun Joong xD HAHA!

How cute is this guy? HAHAH!


I'm gonna change my header soon :D
And I'm going to buy my new phone tomorrow! Woots!
Thats all!


Signing off.

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