Wednesday, October 14, 2009 ❣

16 Passion outing!

Helloo sweethearts :D

Just came home after the berry long day. And I have frigging alot to type! HAHAHA! Anyway, hope you don't fall asleep while reading. Enjoy! Or maybe you can just skip the words and just enjoy the pictures? HAHAH! Don't you dare! I type for you! So you must read!

The only reason I went to school today is because we are suppose to return our school books. Ahh, so I did. School was boring shit. CLG's fighting again. Typical right? Misunderstanding again I suppose? Melissa & i tried our best to help, but guess everything turned out differently. So, can't do much. Skip :D

We, 16Passion (not including Jia & Melissa) rushed to 7-11's bus stop right after school. But thanks to Woon Eugene, we missed the bus. Because we had to wait for him while he goes in and buy something. So then we had to wait for another bus. It was so hot! Like seriously, frigging hot.. We talked too loud and this pengawas pss dude came talk to us about taxi. lol. Haha. So while complaing and blaming everything on Eugene. Suddenly our ANGEL appeared! Woots! It was daddy driving his very big car! Wheee!

Poor thing.

Daddy fetched us to Jia's place. Finally after 758323454 years, we found her house. HAHA! Changed and walked to IOI mall. Surprizingly, it was kinda near. Just a 15 minutes walk i think. Enyi, Jia, Teng & I munched @ Sushi King while Daniel, Eugene & Chia Jun ate at Mcdonald. Oh yeah.


This frigging old dude. I mean OLD LADY. Used something very big and HARD to hit my leg. And it bleed for quite a while and it seriously hurts. Feels like when I fall off the bicycle 2 years ago. HAHA! It was on accident but that old lady didn't even apologize. Fuck her hor xD

See my very poor knee D: She should be glad that I didn't ingat dalam hati. lol

Okay so after THAT, we rushed to our 4o'clock movie. Watch G-Force. Nice movie. Cute in fact.. *skip* After the movie, we shopped. Jia had to go home early D:




Me likey this old man glasses :D
Would've look so much better if it hadn't been for that stupid price tag blocking!


Bought a BIG CARD for KHOO YIT SHUEN and started scribbling on it :D

Bowling was next. Okay it was my first time alright! xD And yes, I FRIGGING DON'T KNOW HOW TO BOWL! Those freaks kept STRIKING! omfgman x) Throughout the whole game, I only got 11marks! wtf! And Enyi still kept taking pictures of the scores, just because she got the highest! xP Bad peoples!


See Tengg :D



Daddy fetched Eugene & I home around 8pm.

Okay, see what that COW DANIEL write on his blog.
I sure enyi will look like a "sha po"... Chia jia look like "old lady".... Fly look like a "rabbit".... Eunice look like a "Wai guo ren"......Eugene look like "Indian God"..... Poong look like "Kids"..... Hahahaha...... Maybe..... Me sure look like "handsome la".....

OMG LAA! Wai guo ren? Who was the one who came back from America wo? I think the last time i check, YOU ARE THE ONE! YOU ARE THE WAI GUO REN! xD

HAPPY FACE. Because i don't need to see SOMEONE anymore! :D

Sad face. Because i had 100bucks yesterday. But only 15bucks left today. Screw it! D:

Anxious. Because I can't wait to buy my NEW PHONE! Wheee! :D

And last but not least, I'm such a

Good friend. To be such a considerate friend to buy Melissa 2 berry big TVXQ posters just to cheer her up.

Okay BYE!

Signing off.

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