Tuesday, October 13, 2009 ❣

Lets get crazy!


Yesterday. Went out for lunch before Sejarah paper.

HAPPY FACE! Yeahh, I'm happy! Well, obviously every other 2009 PMR candidate is happy too right? Haha! Time to party party! I can now burn all my prepare for PMR books & notes! *coughs* I wish! I still have to pass it down to sis. Haha! Officially finished PMR at 9.40am as I didn't take up chinese. *jumps up and down* No, I don't want to talk about any study related things anymore. Can't wait to hang out with all my gorgeous babes. *screams* And OMG! I can finally concentrate on you KWON JI YONG! I had to FORCE myself to not see you for 8495736284 days, just for this PMR! I mean like, not knowing what you've been doing lately, is really killing me! I'm so gonna continue with my ALL NIGHT STALKING YOU program! WTF HAHAHA :O I MISS YOU! I've waited so long for this day! Heh! Ahh, it was a long day. *eventhough its only 5.30pm now* Haha.

Thinking face :D So, I've been thinking. What will happen to me next year? Since this year started, Melissa & I are always talking about next year we must be in science class together & blah blah blah. So we've been studying hard. Well, harder than before la. I think that's just a waste of time. So what IF I manage to enter science stream. Or what if i don't? But IF I do, I'm not sure if I can even survive. Understanding how the world works and those mix mix and BOOM stuffs. lol. Well frankly i just don't enjoy doing science. In fact, I HATE IT! Gosh! That would mean everything we said and studied for ain't gonna come true? All I know is I would rather die than read so much science. But then if my results are bad enough & I can't enter science. Then maybe i have an excuse, I'm just too dumb. My problem will be solve. Till then, let fate decide for me :D

Okay lets skip all the next year crap talk. I'm gonna put on my emo face now and blog about how I felt the pass few days. Going to school is like going to hell for me. Having to see you and your fugly dog face starring at me everyday. And lately because of the PMR and everything, you really made me wish i was in hell. You making that face is really anoying me. I mean seriously. Go get a life la. I'm sick and tired of you! _|_ you! There are reasons. And for those who are reading this now and having a slight feeling that i'm talking about you. Don't be so, umm. I can't find the definition for what I want to say now. But the point is, keep your mouth shut if you don't know who am I talking about. _|_

Okay, cooling down. And... back to HAPPY FACE :DD

*Heh! Daddy please let me take KOREAN SPEAKING LEASSONS. Ahhh! :D

*And! I'll repeat again. PMR IS OVER BABEH!

Okay gotta run!

Signing off.

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