Monday, October 19, 2009 ❣


Helloo bitches :D
LOL, Sorry. I know my usual greeting sentence is 'Helloo sweethearts :D' But yeah. Seriously in a fucked up mood now. Why? Because I just found out some little. Yes I mean little. Some little bitches and bastards have been ripping off from my blog. How I know? Because my initials are still there. And they are also stupid enough to not rename the file. _|_ I shall strangle you biatch! Watch me!

Heh! I'm saving up to buy BigBang's BigShow dvd. Which cost RM195 :O And yess! EnYi was right. After buying those very big posters, you really don't want to stick it up on you wall. I mean like seriously. You'll feel very reluctant. Well, at least I do. And I'm so afraid I accidentally rip it or tear it or something. So now, it all under my bed safe and sound. And as flat as they can be. HAHA!

OMGG! Gaho has like gotten so big right. :O
Never in my life have i ever wished i was a dog. lol.
But my baby GD really made it happen.

G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker' won the 39th song of the Month award in the Digital Music Awards organized by Cyworld on October 18th at 6.30pm.

Source :
For more info go to
Pictures are all there :D

OMGG! Jiyongie curled his hair. He looks so like a barbie doll. And honestly, i don't really like it. But, still loving him :P

What a weird way to update my blog today huh?
I know right. HAHA!


Signing off.

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