Thursday, October 29, 2009 ❣

Badminton night with Carrie Yong!

Lack of pictures again D: 
And, sorry ya ling. I can't think of a decent title. HAHA!

Helloo readers.

Look, as you all know. Its not me to update my blog every single day. But since my friends are somehow talking me into it. I guess for this coming holiday, maybe i will. HAHA! I love my stupid friends! *oops* I like going around traumatizing and irritating them. Heh! Well, guess its just my forte. Heh!

You guys should the korean version of twitter right? Well if you don't its call me2DAY. And as you know GD has a me2DAY account. Wheee! (lol. that was so unnecessary) And *coughs* as you all can see, the whole site is all in korean. So after clicking & clicking for some time. I finally manage to signup! xD And i'm berry berry happy! Heh! And not to mention I also manage to upload a picture! Yes, I know i'm smart :P Its call SKILLS okay :P Not luck.

Go visit!
I know, but thats all i can do :O

And i have no work today. Whee!! *screams* Going to Carrie's house later around 4pm for badminton :D
I know she's very happy. HAHA! Hope daddy don't ffk & come home late, AGAIN.

& using the old header again.


In carrie's house now :D Heh! As I said, i went to her house for badminton. So we just came back from mamak. And ahh, carrie's computer the font berry berry BIG lo.

Will only upload pictures & add captions to them.

Ah Jie de very lousy camera effect :D

The racket is bigger than him xD Haha!

Poor little ah jie. Ice-cream drop on the floor. And he is very sad D;

Okay bye!


Signing off.

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