Monday, October 26, 2009 ❣

Work work work!

Helloo sweetheart :D
Miss me? I know you did :O I'll just post about what has been happening for the pass week. As you all know. I just started work. And its really killing me D: I miss lying on my living room floor, eating junk food and rotting like nobody's business :(

Eh. I got the dates mix up. So i'm not gonna put in dates xD I'll just post all the pictures I have in my phone and just add captions to them. HAHA!

I remember being bored during training. 
So I played with the push pins on mummy's office desk x)

And after the second day of work. 
Mum brought me for Japanese @ Nippon Tei at KLCC.

And then Jowie came to my place :P

And the next day I went to his place for basketball.

And this crazy woman started talking on the phone while lying in the middle of the court.

Okayy. I'm done here.
I've been feeling very stress lately. 
So i'm going to school to see my beloved friends tomorrow :D

Signing off.

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