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Got my heartbreaker album!

Slept very late last night. And woke up at 3.30pm just now =X I had very disappointing dream. Dream about I got my PMR result. And guess what, all subjects get D. Was so sad but in my dream got someone keep telling me 'Don't be sad eunice, all subjects pass already ma' Really felt like slapping that person. When i wake up, felt quite happy. Cause it was all a dream. Lately I keep thinking about my PMR results. Maybe thats why I will dream this type of shit.
Did I ever mention that I love seeing VIPs spazzing over BIG BANG? HAHA. Though I don't like those who scream. But what to do, even if see them, I too will scream like some mad ass retard. LOL. My point is, i love VIPs & also I love you Jiyong (:
And just recently, i think it was yesterday. I took out GD's album again. And notice there was some errors in the lyrics. HAHA.

G-Dragon recently modeled for Vogue as a “Genie” He looks creepy right? :O Well, thats jiyong. Heh! Anyway, this is old news already. I just wa…


Helloo. Some things made me seriously very du lan. But what to do. Not gonna mention it laa :D Actually plan was to watch New moon & catch up with Eugene. Well, we did la :D

But then Wendy wanted to tag along. Sigh. Such a pain in the ass. Jokes :D Not only that, Eugene's whole family came along too. HAHA! Because it's a public holiday, we went to Sunway Pyramid abit early. Around 10am we reached. Went to cinema and the line was so fucking long :O Still manage to buy the tickets anyway (:

Went to Mcdonald for lunch.

Just to let time pass faster, I took Wendy for a quick haircut :D Which she really regrets because Eugene keeps teasing her. hahaha.

Baskin Robbins was next! x) Eat la of course. And passed Lennon the movie tickets. First time see him, was abit shocked. Don't know why. haha.

If you watch Disney Channel you'll know that Lilo & Stitch thing. And that 'So Syok Holiday' thing. lol.

Guess what. After movie Eugene's parents treat us Kenny Rogers. Tha…

Heartbreaker poster back!

Didn't have anything so just spent my day with my tv. HAHA.
Big Bang's Gara Gara Go took the #4 spot & 2ne1's fire took the #2 spot on the [V]Countdown just now.

Currently watching IRIS. Ahhh. TOP IS SOOO HOT! But he only appears in a few episode T_T
And obviously its now hanging on my wall in my room :) I'm so happy! :DDD HAHAA! Okay, now don't disturb me. I wanna continue watching my IRIS♥

Signing off.

Baby sis.

Hi. Sorry for the dead blog. A lot of you have been rushing me to update. So here! :P Actually, I wanted to update after I came back from Genting. BUT! On the way there, bro, sis & I made a bet. We cannot use the computer/laptop for 3 days. Which is from Thursday till Saturday. And my stupid brother said i can't go out. OMG. So guess what I did at home... EAT! wtf. And I don't think you want to know how to game ended. HAHA! So finally! I can use my beloved computer :D And me using computer during work is not counted in the game. HAHA!
This is gonna be a long post. Enjoy! 
Last Saturday :D  14 November 2009 Went to sis's kindergarten for her Sports Day aka Graduation day for the 6 year olds. Then to work at the afternoon as usual. And then to KLCC with family after work.