Saturday, November 28, 2009 ❣

Got my heartbreaker album!

Slept very late last night. And woke up at 3.30pm just now =X I had very disappointing dream. Dream about I got my PMR result. And guess what, all subjects get D. Was so sad but in my dream got someone keep telling me 'Don't be sad eunice, all subjects pass already ma' Really felt like slapping that person. When i wake up, felt quite happy. Cause it was all a dream. Lately I keep thinking about my PMR results. Maybe thats why I will dream this type of shit.

Did I ever mention that I love seeing VIPs spazzing over BIG BANG? HAHA. Though I don't like those who scream. But what to do, even if see them, I too will scream like some mad ass retard. LOL. My point is, i love VIPs & also I love you Jiyong (:

And just recently, i think it was yesterday. I took out GD's album again. And notice there was some errors in the lyrics. HAHA.

 photo DSC06784.jpg

 photo DSC06782.jpg

G-Dragon recently modeled for Vogue as a “Genie”
He looks creepy right? :O Well, thats jiyong. Heh!
Anyway, this is old news already. I just want to show you guys this very cool pic x)

Big Bang new Hite Beer CF 15secs Teaser Revealed!

OMGG. Jiyong is soo hot. I'm melting x) lol

And current wallpaper on my laptop. Geez x)
Bye bye
Signing out.

She's gone - GDragon feat kush
I listen to this song over and over and its just making me love it more and more. 
How can the Youth Protection Council say that the hazardous meaning that is embedded in the lyrics are harmful to the youth. Bullshit. 

Friday, November 27, 2009 ❣


Some things made me seriously very du lan. But what to do. Not gonna mention it laa :D Actually plan was to watch New moon & catch up with Eugene. Well, we did la :D

But then Wendy wanted to tag along. Sigh. Such a pain in the ass. Jokes :D Not only that, Eugene's whole family came along too. HAHA! Because it's a public holiday, we went to Sunway Pyramid abit early. Around 10am we reached. Went to cinema and the line was so fucking long :O Still manage to buy the tickets anyway (:


Went to Mcdonald for lunch.


Just to let time pass faster, I took Wendy for a quick haircut :D Which she really regrets because Eugene keeps teasing her. hahaha.


Baskin Robbins was next! x) Eat la of course. And passed Lennon the movie tickets. First time see him, was abit shocked. Don't know why. haha.


If you watch Disney Channel you'll know that Lilo & Stitch thing. And that 'So Syok Holiday' thing. lol.



Guess what. After movie Eugene's parents treat us Kenny Rogers. Thank you auntie uncle :X And before we go back of course i buy mummy some of her beloved bread from BreadTalk :D I know she loves me too :P And his parents also fetched me home. Thank you again x)

G 드래곤 with 예찬
우렁찬 목소리를 가진 예찬이는 2.5kg으로 작게 태어난 아기다. 목소리와 달리 감기에 잘 걸려 항상 걱정. G드래곤은 예찬이와 헤어짐이 너무도 아쉬웠다고 했다. 예찬이가 더 이상은 아프지 않게, 늘 건강하고 씩씩하게 자랄 수 있도록 응원을 바란다.

촬영 후기_아기를 안는 아이돌의 모습은 초반에 어색했는데, 금방 친해지더라. 김혜자씨처럼 촬영 후 한참 동안 아이와 있었다. 촬영 후 아기의 옷을 조심스럽고 섬세하게 입히는 모습을 보면, 훗날 분명 좋은 아빠가 될 것 같다.

G-Dragon with Ye Chan

Ye Chan who was born weighing 2.5kg, was crying with a loud voice. Unlike his strong voice, it’s always very worrying when he catches a cold. G-Dragon said that he was sad to have to leave him. Show support and cheer to this baby so that he will grow up healthy and strong.

Director’s review: At the beginning it looked awkward seeing and idol with a baby, but soon they looked very comfortable. After the shooting G-Dragon stayed with the child like Kim Hye Ja did. After that he carefully and with delicacy dressed up the baby. Judging by his appearance, it certainly looks like he will be a good father in the future.

Translations: alee

Btw Ah Ling, I cannot find a picture of GD's new hairstyle. Instead, watch this video la :D

Signing off.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ❣

Heartbreaker poster back!

Didn't have anything so just spent my day with my tv. HAHA.
Big Bang's Gara Gara Go took the #4 spot & 2ne1's fire took the #2 spot on the [V]Countdown just now.

Currently watching IRIS. Ahhh. TOP IS SOOO HOT! But he only appears in a few episode T_T


And obviously its now hanging on my wall in my room :) I'm so happy! :DDD HAHAA! Okay, now don't disturb me. I wanna continue watching my IRIS


Signing off.

Second DOT

Hello day sleepers.
Just so you know its going to be 1am soon. And I don't think i'll be sleeping so early, might stay up late watching some movies my bro ask me to. HAHA.

Mhmm. You guys should know that Paris Hilton show. The My BFF thing. Some of you might find it stupid. But i find it cute that Paris is looking for a friend to call a dog. Oops, that didn't out right. No joke ok. I seriously find it cute that she's looking for a BFF.

Anyway, you know my husband G-Dragon poster right? That very big one from his Heartbreaker album which cost me so much money (: Yeah, I brought it to this little shop at Pandan Perdana to frame it the other day, which cost me a lot of money too. Because the poster is just so big =X And that old lady working there said I can get it back 2 days later. And tomorrow is the day I can get it back! And I so can't wait. Whee! *jumps up and down* You know ah, this lady does all the cutting of wood and framing herself. And she is quite old. Mhmm, kinda look up to her. lol.

Okay, I'm forgetting my main point of blogging tonight.

Ang Kai Chen asked me to blog about him. lol. hahaha (: So I will. But not about how lengzai he is. *vomit vomit* lol. I'll get someone to explain the meaning of that word to him. hahah. Okay laa, you know what? I have lot of things to write about him.

He's a nice guy. He is caring and blah blah blah. Done :D 
So, his problems.

First of all, he said his Maxis Broadband (which totally sucks.) is very slow. HAHA! Well, normal la. Its maxis broadband. Pfft. He said he can't go in to msn. Can't play his beloved Restaurant City. & can only reply facebook comments. HAHA. No wonder he's been replying me so much lately. Tsk tsk.

Second, his phone is dying soon. Because the pink colour thing that is on his phone came out already & i think i remember him saying he glued it back on with elephnt glue or something. And he is receiving and replying messages very slow. Don't know he says is digi problem or what. But i personally think its simcard problem. lol. Because mine has no problem. Do any of you digi users have a problem? Nope.

Third, he says his tuition teacher is always FORCE him to eat breakfast with him at 8am. But tomorrow, i mean 6 hours from now. His tuition teacher forced him to wake up at 7am to exercise with him. Kesian D:

Okay. Seriously, thinking about all his problems makes me really laugh my ass off. Tsk tsk. Pity pity boy. I feel so cruel D: Nvm. There I blogged about you la. You better wake up early tomorrow and read my blog. Since you say you are my fan xD GOOD NIGHT! :D Sleep well & sweet dreams.

Signing off.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 ❣


I just want to be happy. I think i deserved it.
Sigh. Why can't I stop thinking about you. Having this very weird feeling that I did something wrong. And I want that chance to change everything. Just one wrong step and when i turn around. You're gone. You're suppose to be mine. It hurts waking up everyday thinking about you and knowing i can never say those 3 words to you. You're very special to me, but you shouldn't be. With or without you, I'm suppose to be happy now. I know, but I just can't seem to get that concept into my head.

Don't worry. I'll get my chance, again. Maybe when i'm 18 or 21 or something. But yeah, i'll wait.

Signing off.

Sunday, November 22, 2009 ❣

Baby sis.

Hi. Sorry for the dead blog.
A lot of you have been rushing me to update. So here! :P
Actually, I wanted to update after I came back from Genting. BUT! On the way there, bro, sis & I made a bet. We cannot use the computer/laptop for 3 days. Which is from Thursday till Saturday. And my stupid brother said i can't go out. OMG. So guess what I did at home... EAT! wtf. And I don't think you want to know how to game ended. HAHA! So finally! I can use my beloved computer :D And me using computer during work is not counted in the game. HAHA!

This is gonna be a long post.

Last Saturday :D 
14 November 2009 
Went to sis's kindergarten for her Sports Day aka Graduation day for the 6 year olds. Then to work at the afternoon as usual. And then to KLCC with family after work.


Last Sunday :D 
15 November 2009
Went to cousin Ming Keat's house to celebrate grandpapa's birthday :D

Monday :D
16 November 2009
Took a bus and LRT to KLCC.
Family wanted to watch 2012. Which I've already watched. So while they were at the cinema. I shopped around.

Tuesday :D
17 November 2009
Went to Genting with family.
Bet started. HAHA! 
Supper at that place which i don't know the name.

Wednesday :D
18 November 2009
Went shopping at First world with family. Boy they're real shopaholics. 
Dine at some buffet which i don't know the name again. haha!
Supper at the same place again. 

Thursday :D
19 November 2009
Bet started xD HAHA!
EnYi's birthday!
And the day we left Genting. 
Couldn't go out & was dying at home without my beloved laptop D:

Friday :D
20 November 2009
Stayed home.
Baked cookies with sis :P *licks*

Saturday :D 
21 November 2009
Woke up & received a text message from the office saying i have to work.
So parents & bro went to the old house to do some painting while i WORK my ass off T_T

Today :D
22 November 2009
Went back to the old house at Pandan Perdana again do finish up with the painting.

Paint D: 

Signing off.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤