Saturday, November 28, 2009 ❣

Got my heartbreaker album!

Slept very late last night. And woke up at 3.30pm just now =X I had very disappointing dream. Dream about I got my PMR result. And guess what, all subjects get D. Was so sad but in my dream got someone keep telling me 'Don't be sad eunice, all subjects pass already ma' Really felt like slapping that person. When i wake up, felt quite happy. Cause it was all a dream. Lately I keep thinking about my PMR results. Maybe thats why I will dream this type of shit.

Did I ever mention that I love seeing VIPs spazzing over BIG BANG? HAHA. Though I don't like those who scream. But what to do, even if see them, I too will scream like some mad ass retard. LOL. My point is, i love VIPs & also I love you Jiyong (:

And just recently, i think it was yesterday. I took out GD's album again. And notice there was some errors in the lyrics. HAHA.

 photo DSC06784.jpg

 photo DSC06782.jpg

G-Dragon recently modeled for Vogue as a “Genie”
He looks creepy right? :O Well, thats jiyong. Heh!
Anyway, this is old news already. I just want to show you guys this very cool pic x)

Big Bang new Hite Beer CF 15secs Teaser Revealed!

OMGG. Jiyong is soo hot. I'm melting x) lol

And current wallpaper on my laptop. Geez x)
Bye bye
Signing out.

She's gone - GDragon feat kush
I listen to this song over and over and its just making me love it more and more. 
How can the Youth Protection Council say that the hazardous meaning that is embedded in the lyrics are harmful to the youth. Bullshit. 

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