Thursday, November 12, 2009 ❣

Let me hear your voice

Helloo pretties :D
Sincere apologies for the very hideous blogskin. One wrong click and everything went wrong T_T Don't worry people, my blog shall be back to normal as soon as possible. I hope =X Just bear with me please. I haven't got enough time D: (and yes. I've check the spelling. Its bear with me not bare with me.) *Points at someone*

Till then, if any of you who passed by, please leave your links in my tagboard. Pleasee.

Anyway, BIG BANG's Let me hear your voice sets my soul on fire. I mean seriously. When i'm listening to this song, I just forget all my troubles. My head just turns completely blank. Its melody just brings me along and takes me to a far away yet peaceful and calm place. Don't know why, this song makes me have a weird feeling. I just love the way this song makes me feel.

Mhmm. So Eugene's daddy fetch me to IOI mall & Enyi's daddy fetch Eugene, Daniel & I to Sunway. I'm really not a big fan of ice-skating. But today I accompany them skate. It was Enyi & Eugene's first time skating. So, i really had a good laugh watching them fall, again and again. HAHA! Seriously! wtf. Daniel and I kept laughing.

Bumped into AhLing & AhPuah. And also the 3C & 3J gang :D Though we couldn't find AhShuen.
Let the pictures do the talking.
Ps : Those pictures that look ugly, shaky and blur are taken by enyi and daniel xD And those pictures that look pretty and more professional like are taken by ME! :P

She had her KFC & I had my hotdog.

omgwftlol. HAHA! Look at his noob face!

Got out from the skating rink at 2.30pm.

Her dress got wet after falling so many times. So we went to the toilet to DRY off her dress. HAHA!

And bumped into AhLing. Well, not in the toilet laa.

Had a snack at Shabu Shabu. Yumm. Me love steamboat :D

*drools* I WANT MORE D:

Rushed for our 4pm movie, again xD HAHA! I seriously love this movie. Fugging nice. Very thrilling. The movie was very 'qi gek'. HAHA! Enyi kept holding on to me everytime something frightening was about to happen. Damn annoying! No offence ah Enyi xD Cinema was so crowded.

After movie we went walking around. Mhmm. Envy that stupid Enyi, she got 3 Lee Min Ho poster just for buying Etude House's products. So i wanted to try too. HAHA! Went to look for AhShuen. But can't find him. The 3C & 3J gang were bowling :D

Had dinner at Pizza Hut before Enyi and Daniel left. Ummm.

Okay okay. In case you can't see. The price for the top four are
0.00  0.00  0.00  &  0.00
HAHAHA! Thanks to the very useful Pizza Hut voucher Pn Nurlina gave us. Which we still have plenty more. Wheee! So we end up only paying RM6.10. Heh!

I know AhLing and AhPuah took alot of retarded pictures of me. lol. haha. Okay I'm done here :D Don't know where to go tomorrow. Don't have work. *jumps up and down* And I'll fix my blog soon okay. Patience.


Signing off.

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