Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ❣

Second DOT

Hello day sleepers.
Just so you know its going to be 1am soon. And I don't think i'll be sleeping so early, might stay up late watching some movies my bro ask me to. HAHA.

Mhmm. You guys should know that Paris Hilton show. The My BFF thing. Some of you might find it stupid. But i find it cute that Paris is looking for a friend to call a dog. Oops, that didn't out right. No joke ok. I seriously find it cute that she's looking for a BFF.

Anyway, you know my husband G-Dragon poster right? That very big one from his Heartbreaker album which cost me so much money (: Yeah, I brought it to this little shop at Pandan Perdana to frame it the other day, which cost me a lot of money too. Because the poster is just so big =X And that old lady working there said I can get it back 2 days later. And tomorrow is the day I can get it back! And I so can't wait. Whee! *jumps up and down* You know ah, this lady does all the cutting of wood and framing herself. And she is quite old. Mhmm, kinda look up to her. lol.

Okay, I'm forgetting my main point of blogging tonight.

Ang Kai Chen asked me to blog about him. lol. hahaha (: So I will. But not about how lengzai he is. *vomit vomit* lol. I'll get someone to explain the meaning of that word to him. hahah. Okay laa, you know what? I have lot of things to write about him.

He's a nice guy. He is caring and blah blah blah. Done :D 
So, his problems.

First of all, he said his Maxis Broadband (which totally sucks.) is very slow. HAHA! Well, normal la. Its maxis broadband. Pfft. He said he can't go in to msn. Can't play his beloved Restaurant City. & can only reply facebook comments. HAHA. No wonder he's been replying me so much lately. Tsk tsk.

Second, his phone is dying soon. Because the pink colour thing that is on his phone came out already & i think i remember him saying he glued it back on with elephnt glue or something. And he is receiving and replying messages very slow. Don't know he says is digi problem or what. But i personally think its simcard problem. lol. Because mine has no problem. Do any of you digi users have a problem? Nope.

Third, he says his tuition teacher is always FORCE him to eat breakfast with him at 8am. But tomorrow, i mean 6 hours from now. His tuition teacher forced him to wake up at 7am to exercise with him. Kesian D:

Okay. Seriously, thinking about all his problems makes me really laugh my ass off. Tsk tsk. Pity pity boy. I feel so cruel D: Nvm. There I blogged about you la. You better wake up early tomorrow and read my blog. Since you say you are my fan xD GOOD NIGHT! :D Sleep well & sweet dreams.

Signing off.

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