Sunday, November 22, 2009 ❣

Baby sis.

Hi. Sorry for the dead blog.
A lot of you have been rushing me to update. So here! :P
Actually, I wanted to update after I came back from Genting. BUT! On the way there, bro, sis & I made a bet. We cannot use the computer/laptop for 3 days. Which is from Thursday till Saturday. And my stupid brother said i can't go out. OMG. So guess what I did at home... EAT! wtf. And I don't think you want to know how to game ended. HAHA! So finally! I can use my beloved computer :D And me using computer during work is not counted in the game. HAHA!

This is gonna be a long post.

Last Saturday :D 
14 November 2009 
Went to sis's kindergarten for her Sports Day aka Graduation day for the 6 year olds. Then to work at the afternoon as usual. And then to KLCC with family after work.


Last Sunday :D 
15 November 2009
Went to cousin Ming Keat's house to celebrate grandpapa's birthday :D

Monday :D
16 November 2009
Took a bus and LRT to KLCC.
Family wanted to watch 2012. Which I've already watched. So while they were at the cinema. I shopped around.

Tuesday :D
17 November 2009
Went to Genting with family.
Bet started. HAHA! 
Supper at that place which i don't know the name.

Wednesday :D
18 November 2009
Went shopping at First world with family. Boy they're real shopaholics. 
Dine at some buffet which i don't know the name again. haha!
Supper at the same place again. 

Thursday :D
19 November 2009
Bet started xD HAHA!
EnYi's birthday!
And the day we left Genting. 
Couldn't go out & was dying at home without my beloved laptop D:

Friday :D
20 November 2009
Stayed home.
Baked cookies with sis :P *licks*

Saturday :D 
21 November 2009
Woke up & received a text message from the office saying i have to work.
So parents & bro went to the old house to do some painting while i WORK my ass off T_T

Today :D
22 November 2009
Went back to the old house at Pandan Perdana again do finish up with the painting.

Paint D: 

Signing off.

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