Thursday, November 5, 2009 ❣

Form 4 next year??

你还记得吗,我们在一起甜蜜幸福的日子。是多么的浪漫,是多么的童话。我真得很想把他忘掉好了,可是又忘不了。说过那么多的承诺,都是假的吗?变的好快哦。就只是那天你对我很好,过后又冷淡了。我非常后悔。可是再想回,也没有什么好后悔的吧。事情已经过了那么久。他一早就已经离开我了。当初都是我的错。好希望你回到我身边。 我还等待着你的信息。 

   Such an old picture :O

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Ignore the message up there la. I'm so not in the mood. Really feel like crying. 

Brother drag me outta bed in the morning as I was already late. Feeling real depress on the way to school today. Due to some reasons.
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We celebrated 儿童节 at the highest floor where no teachers can find us. But some annoying pengawas just can't stop bugging us. I was feeling better. *coughs* After eating their foods. HAHA! Especially Carrie's MUMMY's noodles. Heh! Its weird to be celebrating Children's day at this age. Haha. 怀念吧.

Had a heart to heart talk with Melissa. Talked for hours. Sigh. Carmen & Ling too. But obviously they couldn't help. Because it was my choice. All they could do was console me. I spent half my day starring into the blank thinking about you and our past. I love you girls for even wasting your time listening to my problems. And Melissa ahh. Cheer up la. You sad I sad. Everything will work out okay :P

After so long of not seeing Daniel. I finally get to see him today. His hair damn cacat. Haha! Though i didn't get to talk to him for long. Because I spent my last 20 minutes of school sleeping in class. Don't know why am  I so tired
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Nahh carrie. I accompany you, jasmine & ling write karangan ah. Happy?
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  Huhu. My pretty Melissa Foo Lye Eng
    You can't find pictures of her like this okay :P

  We got our form 4 books. Ahh. Time flies so fast. Don't you think?

  And! A smile to end this post. CHEESE! :DD

Genting tomorrow.


Signing off.

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