Sunday, November 8, 2009 ❣

Genting with friends & Global Diabetes Walk!

Helloo small people :D

Friday, 6 November
Parents fetch me to Genting at 6pm. While they went to casino. I was with the girls. When I reach, KaiChen left. Sigh. Don't know why that day felt so unhappy. Can't stop thinking about someone. The more i think about him, the more it makes me feel like crying. Sigh. We record a birthday song and sent to Eugene at 1am. Haha. I know he very 感动 *big wide smiles* Reach home at 4am.
Will get the other pictures from carrie soon.

He's self obsessing xD


Yes, we're not wearing slippers
*inside joke*

Carrie Yong!!!

*will get the rest of the photos from Carrie later*

Saturday, 7 November
Didn't do anything much. Was bored so just went with family to check out some huge houses that daddy said he wants to buy. Haha! At night finally, i decided to stick all my BigBang posters on the wall. Pretty pretty walls. Will take a pictures of it some other time. Brother was shocked when he entered my room. Sister said she'll never change her clothes in there again. HAHAH!

Ignore ignore :/

Sunday, 8 November
Woke up at 5am and went for the Global Diabetes Walk with the family and cousins. HAHAH! Such a stupid name! xD Wonder if there is a Global H1N1 Walk. Haha! Lame. I practically spent my whole day laughing at that name. lol. Not really lahh. *smiles* Walk four rounds only, 1.6km. And they forbid you to run. Mhmm. I got work later T_T  1pm to 10pm. I want to die ):

Damn 'yok syun' you know. They put that word on the T-Shirt.

From AhLing's blog

一个又一个得去拿课本了(....)这是明年FORM4的书(....)几快我就要FORM4了..怎么样子还是不变..== 时间好象过得越来越快了..一瞬间..2009年又要过去了..先前是说怀念2008年..但是..我越来越想念2009了..所有所有的回忆..我..不会忘记的 : )

I agree lo :P So I give 5 stars.  Sorry, i don't know where to find stars. HAHA! So I give hearts la.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

At office now :P
Needa go to work already.

Signing off.

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