Saturday, December 12, 2009 ❣


Heh! I want to wish 2 people happy birthday :D
Sorry. Connection really bad now. So didn't upload any pictures =/
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My friend :D

Happy Birthday Alyssa Remesh Nateson!!
Last night, after i send that 8 pages text message to you, i felt abit scared. Know why? Because i was afraid i sent it to an unknown person. hahahah! Even though its been a while since we've talk. And a year since we've met xD HAHAHAA. I want you to know that i'll still be here if you need anyone to talk to. Today is your big day. SO HAVE FUN! Anywayyy, everything i wanted to tell you has already been written in that messege. So, have a rocking fifteen girl! :D Yes yes. You can sing yout taylor swift song in peace already. hahaha. AND!! Your present from last year, i'm still keeping xD HAHAHA.

My queen xD hahahaa.

Happy Birthday Jasmine Thong Jia Xin!!
I lost your number already. So didn't sms you. SORRY D: Maybe we got argue a few times. Errr. Not us la. But other people. lol. But we still friends ma. Hehe. Actually, we don't really have much to talk about. Sometimes really can't find topic to talk with you. But when hear you laugh, i pun ikut laugh. Don't know why. hahaha. Our clg memories i will never forget :D And i hope you won't too.May all your wishes come true my queen. happy birthday!

Okay. I need to go to that 12 hours walk thing.
Will update some other time.
Signing out.

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