Thursday, December 17, 2009 ❣


I don't know when was this picture taken :O

When you say you LOVE someone, make sure that your spelling is correct. because if you're going to browse a dictionary, luv.lav.lab.lub. means NOTHING.

Last night sms Carrie and ask her if she wanted to go play badminton today. But, she said she's too lazy and only wants to play poker. Tsk. POKER ADDICT. hahahahaaa. Then i ask Eugene if i could go over to his place for basketball. He said yes. Wheee. But then i thought again. Don't want laa. After basketball what to do. His house so boring. lol. haha. Then sms Carrie again. And today's plan was to go to Carrie's house. But! Last night fell asleep in bro's room and woke up at 1pm today. (Very good already laa. Use to wake up at 4pm) Mhmm. Then didn't go already. Pfft :( Bored at home. Hujan datang already. My brother is asking me to not use the computer. Sigh.







This is why i love Genting :P

Signing out.

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