Thursday, December 3, 2009 ❣

Crash & Burn December

Its the last month of the year people! :D Means Christmas is near. I just love Christmas. Don't you? Too bad it doesn't snow in Malaysia. So i'll be celebrating Christmas in Singapore. Although it doesn't snow there either. lol. hahaha. Those pretty decorations and big Christmas trees. And can't wait to go caroling this year :P
I bought this yesterday. BIGBANG JAPANESE ALBUM :D Just suddenly saw it in front of my face. Although I already got all the song, just felt like buying it :P RM50 gone x) Daddy keep nagging me after i bought it. A while later then quiet already. haha.

This morning mummy bang on my door and woke me up at 9am. Just to ask(scold) me where is her eyeliner sharpener. She wasn't actually asking, it was more of screaming than talking. Sigh. Use to it already la. Then i went back to sleep. Have a very WONDERFUL dream. Jiyong kissed me and told me he loves me. And non stop whispering sweet words to my ear. Its wasn't a very long dream, how i wished it would never end. Felt so real in the dream. Then my sis bang on my door at 2pm to wake me up. When i was up my mood went down, cause it wasn't real. Sigh again. Can't blame my sister D: Hope one day this dream will come true :) Heck! IT WILL :P

Like i said, my blog is getting more & more boring. Oh well, at least i updated.

PC Fair this weekend @ KLCC. Anyone? :D

Signing out.

TaeYang - Wedding dress
If any of you boobs haven't listen to this song yet.

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