Wednesday, December 9, 2009 ❣

Just something for myself

The usual. Lame convo with family :D Bro starting to care less of what i do already. hahaha.

eunice : eh! who's pepsi is this?
euwern : not mine.
eugene : mine laaa.
eunice : can i drink?
eugene : you're gonna drink it anyway. Still want to ask me for what?
eunice : later you say i take without asking
eugene : but even if i say no. You still will drink ma.
euwern : ya lo eunice.
eunice : aiyaa. You know me laa. Just letting you know i'm gonna drink it. *smile*
euwern : can i drink too?
eugene : no.
euwern : ok. *drinks it anyway*

Just so you know. To all my anonymous readers whom might or might not be curious. My brother's name is goh eugene. And the eugene i mention in almost every post is my very good friend woon eugene. Eugene and Eugene. I know right? xD hahaha. So in my blog. my brother has always been known as "my bro". wtflol. hahaha. And my friend is known as "eugene". That way you all won't mix up which eugene i'm talking about. But in this post, eugene is my brother :DD Don't be confuse :) Its really simple xD
Peace ! ^.<

Signing out.

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