Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ❣

Time Square with dai b

I'm not the type of person who gets sick so easily.
But now got high fever, headache & whole body very very pain ): Because of this made me have no fun yesterday. Pain and tired till can't even get outta bed.

Monday. December 21 // Yesterday
Woke up early cause mama needs to go to work early. Wash up and got dress. Maid ask me to eat the half boiled egg. Stomach felt weird after eating it. After that mama fetch Ahling & I to Time Square. Shopped around. Used a lot of money :O Felt so dizzy and tired the whole time. Then finally, the stupid KaiChen came with his friend. We went to eat at Old Town. After eating a small piece of bread, felt like something gonna come out from my mouth. Then ask Ahling faster go to the toilet with me. On the way there SOMETHING happen. Suddenly just vomit on the floor. Luckily no one saw. Ran to the toilet and continue vomiting xD haha. We come out and saw the vomit on the floor. But this guy, don't know he blind or what la. He just stepped on the vomit and slipped. EWWW! I didn't know what to do. So just walked away. After awhile, I really lack of energy. Very tired and dizzy. So I call mama & tell her i want to go home. Daddy came at 4pm to fetch Ahling & I home.

Sorry Ahling make you have to go home so early ):

Pictures of my Dai B lui x)

But i'm still happy =) Cause i bought SOMETHING xD I'll upload a very yeng picture later. hahaa. Feeling better already. But still got fever. And i still don't see why PMR results have to come out on Christmas eve D:

Signing out.

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