Friday, January 22, 2010 ❣

Merentas Desa 2010

My daughter Ah Ling ask me to update. Eeeee. See, i'm such a good mummy.
Ohh, speaking of which. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU MAMA! Thank you for buying those SUJU CONCERT tickets for me :P  
And she's bringing me shopping tomorrow :)
What have i done to deserve this? hahaha.

Umm. So errr, school merentas desa was today =) In the morning Ah Teng & Melissa ask me to eat Tiger Biscuit. haha. She said after eating 100% can get first place. bwahahaha. We planned to run with together but i too noob, can't keep up with her. End up she was the 6th who came back. And i was the 12th. Aikss. When they were giving out the prizes, Jiahui & Jasmine very high. Lol. Kept screaming non-stop. Daddy fetch Eugene & Carrie to my house. Then Carrie's mummy came and fetch her home. And Eugene is still here -.- BOO! Long story. I'm lazy to type ): Don't spoil my mood. I'm very happy now. hahahaaa.

How cute right? Hahahaa.

Why do guys have to wear long pants to school? D:

Very lazy to upload pictures now :) Plus, the retard Eugene is at my house now. & he's asking me to make food for him. lol
Okay bye !

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 ❣

Oh Super Junior :)

Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
20 March 2010 (Saturday) 7pm
Ticket Prices
RM138, RM238(Numbered Seat) ,
RM458 (Numbered Seat/Rock Pitt)
Ticket Hotline
03-20921199 Marctensia;
03-77115000 (Axcess)

I'm so going wooi! Tickets was released yesterday! And Yuan Xin already got them. She got the RM458 ones. Rich siall. Eh mama. I'm going no matter what ahh. There's nothing you can do to stop me. At Bukit Jalil only maa. So near. I'll pay for the tickets myself. Don't need to worry about me ok. I'll even wear layers of clothes if you want me to. wtflol. joking xD Hahahaa. 

Sigh. Suddenly i'm missing my jiyong so much ): 
Emm, i need to buy new clothes for CNY. Midvalley anyone? :D

Do visit :)

Monday, January 18, 2010 ❣

No one is forcing you to read this.

My weekend with mama was fun.
Another week of not seeing her ):

First, I don't remember mentioning I've cut my hair in this blog. So yeahh, I've cut my hair. On thursday i think. I find it weird and doesn't suit me. So i'm not gonna cut like this again.

I spent my day having my face stick to my desk, closing my eyes thinking about you. And every teacher that came into the class couldn't see me. I needa get my mind off you or else this might get serious. And i know you don't want it to. I like watching you =) Just watching you smile makes me smile. Heh. Sometimes when i see you alone, i feel like running to you and talk to you. But on the other hand, we have nothing to talk about. It'll just feel awkward. So watching you from a distance is enough for me. It's so weird. When i see you my heart beats faster than usual. (I'm serious.) When i walk pass your class. My heart beats even faster. It feels like someone's forcing me to sit the worlds highest/fastest/scariest roller coaster. And i'd feel like my heart could just come outta my mouth. My mom would skin me alive if she knew what i'm thinking about now. Maybe cause i know she'll be very worried.

I'm such a heartless person. Maybe he's already forgive me. But i know i haven't forgive myself. I feel so guitly. WHY CAN'T YOU STOP BEING A NICE PERSON AND HATE ME! I notice i've been very coward after 2008. And guess what, I think there's something wrong with my eyes. Not like short sighted or anything. Cause i've already have specs for that. When i was on facebook. I saw that Fxxxx xxxxx's name. But after taking a second look i notice it was Kxxxx xxxx. And i read something wrongly. I've mistaken 'urself' with 'result'. Wtf right? Whats wrong with me ): I don't think its because i read too fast. Sigh. All of the sudden so many problems appear in front of me. I really don't know how to deal with them. And there's no one i can tell them to. I'm even keeping secrets from Melissa. I mean, there are a lot of things i haven't tell her. Idk is it because i'm afraid or because i just don't want to. I have so many questions and so many things to say. But they just can't seem to come outta my bloody mouth! And if they don't come out, HOW CAN I GET MY GODDAMN ANSWERS!

I need to get my head clear now.
I actually have a very funny conversation to post today. A convo jiahui & Encik Haikal had during class today. But i'm not in the mood. So till next time.

I notice my english is quite terrible. SEE! I can't even seem to fine a better word for terrible! wtf .__.

Sunday, January 17, 2010 ❣

Yawhon's 17th birthday & MeowYun's 15th birhtday

Kaichen say look like farmer ._. 

Yesterday :) 
Went to KL in the afternoon with daddy cause he want to take his marathon shirt. Then just remembered, Yawhon invited me to his birthday party. So i called jowie to buy 2 presents for me, since he was at Midvalley. Jowie & Joern reached my place around 6pm. Yawhon came pick us up at 7.30pm i think? He went to buy liquor. lols. hahahaaa. A lot of people can't make it. SAD! But i still had fun. Because of those bottles of .... I stopped counting after 6 xD hahahaaa. The music was so loud :O Went home around 1am. And forgotten to shower. lol. Yawhon & Karyung drunk till very cham last night :) Yawhon has a very cool mummy =)

Around 12 something. Mama called me.
mama : Hello?
me : Ya.
mama : You still remember your mummy's name or not?
me : Yes. Wong xxx xxx
mama : Your daddy's name leh?
me : Goh xx xxxx
mama : Where do you live?
me : xxx laaa. You think i drunk already meh? I still can control ok.
mama : good. what time you want to come home.
me : late la. why?
mama : jowie's parents want to go home already.
me : Ok la. I around 1am come back.


See karyung's face so red. hahaha

Yawhon's Michael Jackson dance xD haha

Hahahaa. Very cute ahh.

Mama don't let me go to Sunway today. She said cause last night came home very late. And plus, i have no transport there. Sorry 16passion ): I want to play poker now. 

Bye bye ! =)

Signing out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ❣

My precious phone


I'm soooo mad. And gonna kena DIAO by my parents ): MY PHONE HAS DIED! I don't know who spill SOAP WATER on my phone. But i know who's soap that belongs to. It belongs to my little 5 year old irritating sister. Those soap that stupid little kids play to blow bubble has now ruin my phone. I fugging feel like strangling my youngest sister now. But i can't blame her. Its not her fault. Although i don't know who's fault it is, i really think i should be angry at myself for putting my phone there. GRRR! You don't know how mad i am now! _|_ Just feel like screaming. Not only because i can't turn on my phone. But the fact that my parents will be killing me as soon as they are home. I WANT TO CRY MAN ): And i can't blame anyone but myself. Cause even i didn't see what really happened to my phone. After it got wet, i quickly took out the cover and the battery inside. Wiped it and also fan it dry. Thinking of the stupid phone also make me feel like crying. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I know you guys might be thinking this is a good reason to buy a new phone. BUT! I have no more money and my parents would never buy me a new one.
 And because of this, i have no mood to do my add maths. But i've already done half of it at school. Now i'll just have to force my stubborn self to continue with the other half.
The only up side about today is that I got to talk to HIM & HER.
I'm happy about the HIM Not so happy about the her. Sigh.

Can someone spare me an extra phone? ): 

Anyway, stayed back with Melissa & JiaYan today. Not going into details.
Suddenly feel like my photography looking more and more boring. LOL.
Maybe its just because i took pictures of the stupid school. 

Signing out.
*with an angry and irritated face

SS501- 因为我太傻

Monday, January 11, 2010 ❣

Again and again.

See! Yeng or not? I pin my hair up to school today :P
And i will continue doing that. Such a good girl :) Haha.
Like what i mentioned in my previous post. Today morning Eugene fetch us to school. His mama drive so fast :/ Haha. Pass him the cleanser that i bought for him. See his face so many pimples already. I feel so uncomfortable. Beh tahan then buy for him and ask him wash 3 times a day. haha. School was okay lor. Nothing special. Nothing changed. That person and I didn't talk :] Skip skip. Morning's perhimpunan was killing me. So boring D: And sitting so long made my butt sore. Don't know what occasion it was. Wonder whats so special about today. AhTeng gave us each a present. I haven't open mine yet :)

Today was the first day Pn Loo entered our class. Physics was after recess, so almost everyone was late for her class. She started nagging. She scream so loud tau. After hearing her crap for 20minutes, she brought us to the lab. Continued crapping again. OMGGG. Seriously very loud laaa.

Since i didn't take chinese. I slacked around in the library. After a while of feeling so lifeless. Went loitering around school with Pn what's her name's pass. After that was Sejarah. I swear our sejarah teacher is freaking cute xD Though sometimes annoying. She was treating us like lil kids. wtflol. She was like '6 plus 6 is 12. Dah ada dua belas markah.'. 'Macam ini ma.' 'Faham ke tak? Alaahh, kenapa x faham maa' HAHA WTFLOL xD Keep adding ma & la to her sentences. Seriously made us all lmao. Skip skip.

After school, daddy came to pick us up very very very very very very late. Ermm, not that late la actually. Half an hour late. But it really felt like i waited for 2 hours.

Just now, gam yu pm me. Felt a bit happy then smile lo xD
brother : Very weird lo you. Who use computer half way will smile to the computer wan?
me : Cannot izzit? Don't tell me you play dota the time lose already didn't fa lan zha la.
Then he diam diam already xD HAHAHAAAA.

Saturday, January 9, 2010 ❣

I love weekends.

Helloo !
Finaly! After the very long week. I can rest. HAHAHAA. Enjoyed my sleep last night. Cause there was no alarm ringing and waking me up early in the morning. Can sleep as long as i want. But yesterday very pissed off. Lose so much chips at poker. From 100k+ drop to 40k. Sigh. Nvm.

Ermm, I'm looking for tuition class now. Cause i don't really like my old one. Maybe want to go tuition with my lui Ahteng. But she said don't have chemistry and physics classes. Sigh. Nvm ! :D I'll find the perfect one! HAHA.

So, i think it was thursday morning. When mama is driving us to school. 
mama : Haihh. Can both of you find your own transport to school?
me : Why so sudden? You've been driving us to school since 2008.
mama : Ya la. But lately I've been working till very late and playing poker till 2am.(facebook poker) Not enough sleep will die want you know?
*Waaa now poker more important that us la.*
me : Ok. Public bus ah? The stupid bus also didn't reach our house.
mama : Maybe take van la.
me : How about car pool?
mama : Hmm. Also can. Ask woon eugene la.
me : Ok. Or maybe ask carrie or ahteng.

Starting from Monday, i'll be taking Eugene's car to school :P Wheee!
Suddenly have nothing to say. Don't know whether Jowie they all coming to my house or not.

I can't believe i forgot to wished you yesterday ): Sad and i can't forgive myself.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010 ❣

Our new classes.

Just back from school. And i'm already on the computer. hahaha. Fast leh?
Today i went to stalked a cute little form 1 girl.
She's so cute when she eat. And she is Ang Kai Chen's mei mei :PP

Sub science! 
It was suppose to be PURE. 
LOL. I shall never survive. So i'm also a bit happy xD

 Today was a lousy day as well. We were all at Dewan Gemilang again. Because we still don't know our class. So the fking teachers force us to play stupid childish kindergarten games. wtf. But, of course i went loitering around the school laa. I won't be so stupid to stay there and play with them. lol. At around 1pm, the teachers stopped with the fugging games and put us all into our 2010 classes. Puan Zalina started with the first class, 4 Cengal. I didn't really cared and didn't even paid attention, as i know my name will never be mentioned. hahaha. But a few moments later, i heard 'Foo Lye Eng , Goh Eunice , bla bla bla'. wtf. Frighten sia. The first thing in my head was 'Ei? Already reach jati meh? Got so fast bo?'. Then i turned around and saw that they were still lining up. We were like shit! Zhen de shi zhong liao! Sat there and started thinking for a while.

After when everyone was put into their classes, which took about 10 minutes?  Puan Chang approached Puan Zalina and the next thing you know she was screaming my name. I didn't really hear her until Melissa told me. So i stood up and she said 'Goh Eunice. Pergi ke 4 jati SE-KA-RANG'. (lol. You know laa, Puan Zalina loves talking like that.) So i changed class. I took a look around and [something/someone] really bothered me. Really pissed me off and made me hen bu shuang. Not going to mention it here. Then I was like wtf? We were separated. She said she won't take up pure science without me. She said she's gonna try to change class. I feel it was a little stupid.

On my way to the toilet, i was keep wondering what had Puan Chang said that made Puan Zalina called me to 4 Jati. A lot of people wasn't satisfied with their new classes. Because it was all messed up. [blank] was very pissed off because [blank2] failed his/her PMR and was a class higher than [blank]. And you know who is the one who choose our classes for us? Its that new teacher that came and replaced En. Ghalib. Pfft ._.

Eugene was very disappointed. Because he didn't get the class he wanted. Enyi was sad because 16passion were separated ): Everybody is unhappy D: Haih.. What to do. What's done is done. But a lot of people said that they are gonna call their parents to come to school tomorrow. hahahaa ! Including [blank] 

Okay, thats all i have to say.

Signing out.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤