Monday, January 25, 2010 ❣

I can't think of a title D:

I hate Monday mornings. The fugging assembly took like 7hours to end. lol. And after that is PJK. And if you didn't bring your baju sukan. You'd have to pay that stupid teacher 5bucks _|_

Today, I was thinking about him too much, i can't concentrate in class. And got teacher all up in my face. I miss you so much :) Even though i didn't get to talk to you today. I still get to see you. Heh. And somehow i'm very happy with that. ahhaaa. Just that very very cute expression you gave me made my day so much easier :)

Yawhon told me somethings today. And also asked me some questions. Got me thinking about all the fun we had during 2008. Hahaa. I miss those times. Now that he's back in school. I'm really looking forward to having that much fun with him again :)

During the two periods of chemistry, there wasn't any teacher in class. Well, it was noisy. Hah. Then Puan Nurlina came in from the other class and started scolding all of us. Then she took a glanced at me and smiled with that cute face. I miss that ):

Pn Nurlina : Awww. I miss you :)
me : *looks around*
Pn Nurlina : You got an A for your english right?

It was then i remembered how much i missed her ): SHE SUCH AN AWESOME TEACHER! I miss that oddly adorable cartoonistic attitude of hers D: I want her to teach me english. She's so much better than that New York teacher. RAWR!

After school, Danial picked me up and we went to Sunway :) Met the two Justin's. Danial also fetched me home. Thank you to him <3

Signing out.

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