Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ❣

My precious phone


I'm soooo mad. And gonna kena DIAO by my parents ): MY PHONE HAS DIED! I don't know who spill SOAP WATER on my phone. But i know who's soap that belongs to. It belongs to my little 5 year old irritating sister. Those soap that stupid little kids play to blow bubble has now ruin my phone. I fugging feel like strangling my youngest sister now. But i can't blame her. Its not her fault. Although i don't know who's fault it is, i really think i should be angry at myself for putting my phone there. GRRR! You don't know how mad i am now! _|_ Just feel like screaming. Not only because i can't turn on my phone. But the fact that my parents will be killing me as soon as they are home. I WANT TO CRY MAN ): And i can't blame anyone but myself. Cause even i didn't see what really happened to my phone. After it got wet, i quickly took out the cover and the battery inside. Wiped it and also fan it dry. Thinking of the stupid phone also make me feel like crying. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I know you guys might be thinking this is a good reason to buy a new phone. BUT! I have no more money and my parents would never buy me a new one.
 And because of this, i have no mood to do my add maths. But i've already done half of it at school. Now i'll just have to force my stubborn self to continue with the other half.
The only up side about today is that I got to talk to HIM & HER.
I'm happy about the HIM Not so happy about the her. Sigh.

Can someone spare me an extra phone? ): 

Anyway, stayed back with Melissa & JiaYan today. Not going into details.
Suddenly feel like my photography looking more and more boring. LOL.
Maybe its just because i took pictures of the stupid school. 

Signing out.
*with an angry and irritated face

SS501- 因为我太傻

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