Wednesday, January 6, 2010 ❣

Third day of school.

We finally get to go into our classes today.
So today was the first day the teachers actually teached. haha. I didn't even remembered how to hold my pen properly today. LOL. Not that serious laa. But my hand felt very uncomfortable copying so many notes la. Erm.. Daniel, Eugene & Melissa made it to 4jati. I'm very very happy that i don't have to be separated from them for 2 years. And also glad that Melissa won't die studying pure science xD Unfortunately, Enyi had to stay at 4kempas. Sigh. But i know she will do well no matter what :) Also happy for my daughter ling ling because she can enter ekonomi. Heh! And KAI CHEN cause he dapat masuk his account, 4kempas. Don't know he got lie to me or not. EH EH! My english teacher has a very very cool name! YANG NEW YORK! Yeng or not :P Mhmm, and I can't believe Puan Loo is teaching us physics. I didn't even know she can teach. I always thought of her as the teacher that only takes care of all the spbt book. lol. I'll be gone :)

Signing out.
I'll be back so soon you won't even have time to miss me. 
Look after my heart. I've left it with you


  1. wat the... Pn Loo's the best teacher you can find in that school. (yes this sound lame, if it's said by your fellow schoolmates. I'm 20 now and still think that she's the best. Take my word for it).

    A word of advice: try to do her homework when she happens to give them. It's not fun listening to her fiery lectures with the whole class standing up early in the morning.

    Source: Been there, done that.

  2. Hahaa. So i've heard. But she hasn't came into my class, YET. Can't wait to be teached by the 'BEST' teacher in this school. hahaa.

    But i was just saying, I never thought she could teach physics. lol.

  3. Wait, you're telling me she has not taught you before? LOL She's been my teacher the whole time I was studying there. Believe me, if it has anything to do with science, she's the teacher to look for.

    Or me, of which I demand some money from it. :-P

    Have fun in F4.

  4. LOL. Nope, she hasn't taught me before :) Mhmm, i can't wait for monday then xD hahaa. See how awesome she is xD

    Have fun being an old man xD HAHAAA. Jokingg

  5. LOL. 20 is when life starts.

    So, have fun being an infant. HAHAHAHA.

  6. LOL. WHAT INFANT! Ehh, you reply very fast xD What? You have nothing better to do than to stalk me? xD

  7. LOL coincidentally i was checking my inbox when you replied to the previous comment.

    Yeah, be afraid, be very afraid. I'm outside your house spying on you, checking on when you gonna reply this next comment.


  8. LOL! Coincident. Right xD

    I'm so afraid ): I'm gonna pee in my pants D: AHHHH! HAHAHAA

  9. Right... You worry about your Add Maths better.

  10. Ohh. Hahaa. I like add maths. SO FAR. I SAID SO FAR. Cause now just teaching those set and rotations things xD

  11. LOL. Better enjoy the subject while you can.

    Have fun.


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤