Sunday, January 24, 2010 ❣

Untitled :)

 AhLing! Where are you? ): Its been a while since you online D:

Helloo :)
Went to Sunway Pyramid with family yesterday. Maybe planning on going to IOI Mall or Midvalley later? :) Uhh, thats not my point of blogging now. Will update about that some other time.

So, this girl. I don't think i know her. She added me in facebook :)
And click to enlarge.

Apparently she hasn't met many cool people in this world. lol. And omgg, super cool? If i'm cool, the sky would fall :) Hohoo. But somehow, i have a feeling she's saying all these things in a very sarcastic way :O It felt a bit weird to see my name. And also a bit scared :X
Like i said, i'll update some other time. Hah! Blogging's got me bored ): Bye!
Signing out.

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