Sunday, January 17, 2010 ❣

Yawhon's 17th birthday & MeowYun's 15th birhtday

Kaichen say look like farmer ._. 

Yesterday :) 
Went to KL in the afternoon with daddy cause he want to take his marathon shirt. Then just remembered, Yawhon invited me to his birthday party. So i called jowie to buy 2 presents for me, since he was at Midvalley. Jowie & Joern reached my place around 6pm. Yawhon came pick us up at 7.30pm i think? He went to buy liquor. lols. hahahaaa. A lot of people can't make it. SAD! But i still had fun. Because of those bottles of .... I stopped counting after 6 xD hahahaaa. The music was so loud :O Went home around 1am. And forgotten to shower. lol. Yawhon & Karyung drunk till very cham last night :) Yawhon has a very cool mummy =)

Around 12 something. Mama called me.
mama : Hello?
me : Ya.
mama : You still remember your mummy's name or not?
me : Yes. Wong xxx xxx
mama : Your daddy's name leh?
me : Goh xx xxxx
mama : Where do you live?
me : xxx laaa. You think i drunk already meh? I still can control ok.
mama : good. what time you want to come home.
me : late la. why?
mama : jowie's parents want to go home already.
me : Ok la. I around 1am come back.


See karyung's face so red. hahaha

Yawhon's Michael Jackson dance xD haha

Hahahaa. Very cute ahh.

Mama don't let me go to Sunway today. She said cause last night came home very late. And plus, i have no transport there. Sorry 16passion ): I want to play poker now. 

Bye bye ! =)

Signing out.

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