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Surprise Valentine's present

I slept at 3am last night :/ I don't even know what the hell i was doing. Woke up at 6am. Only slept for 3 hours. Tired like shit. Once i enter woon eugene's car, his mummy gave me angpao. haha, felt a bit happy when i saw that red packet. 

Perhimpunan was boring as usual. When Carrie talk about Melissa's KRS uniform, ter-laugh too loud already. ahha. The pengawas were all like 'shhh' x) God, i really hate perhimpunan. Every monday sit till my ass pain .__.

When we went back to our class, saw that the stupid curtain had already fell down. And the sun was shining directly at my seat. AND! It just so happened to have no electricity. HOT LIKE HELL! Felt like i was going to die. Die already, die one more time! Few minutes later, electricity was back on :) But still very very very HOT! So i pulled my chair beside Jia. Not only hot. But also BORING! Cause first period was Sejarah. omg.
history teacher // me eh girl! balik tempat masing-masing. tak nak la cikgu. sana sangat pa…


Hello. Ohh yeaah. HAPPY CNY :)

What a busy week. Duuhh, its the cny week. Of course everyone is busy. Went to houses and houses. Say hello. Take ang pao. Well, You know the drill :D Will update about that some other time.
I've finaly watch these two movies :)) Avatar and Percy Jackson  LOGAN LERMAN IS HOTT YO! ^.< Next target : Da Ri Zi


No school for a week :)

Helloo holiday! :)
I miss someone now :)
School was so boring today. First period was pjk. And the teachers talked too much. So miss that period already. WOOTS! hahaaa. So happy. Hate pjk so much. Must change clothes. And then change back again. Pfftt. Damn ma fan.

Puan Noraini gave us a topical test during bm. Ok ok la. When she was checking my paper, she sighed. And then she smiled again. lolhahaa. Don't know this means good or bad. hahh. Miss Yang gave us a topical test for English too. Dangg! She purposely give us stupid title for the stupid essay. She gave us two for us to choose. One is something about reserved forest and the other one is My ambition. I definitely won't choose that reserve forest one lorr! Sien. Useless title. So i did the ambition one. Ma de. I don't even know what my ambition is. So i just made up everything. Write half way keep laughing at myself. ahhaa. Wait wait. She asked us to do that essay in 35minutes. wtf right? That was my worst essay ever. …

School ain't cool.

THERE! UPDATED!       I'm going to sleep now. Tired sial ):
      Going to rot at home today.
      Signing out.

Hari Sukan

Just came back from IOI Mall :DD

HELLOOO! :D  Changed font again. Cause too hard to read D:
So, our Hari Sukan was today. I've already said before that i didn't want to participate this year. But blame that tall guy. Keep asking me to run run run. Whatever his name is. And i'm a good girl. Will run for my team! Woots! ahahaa. Anyway, today ahh. I macam help people take care of children. LOL. Karyung's, AhJack's & KaiChen's sisters all stick to me. OMG! Make me look like old lady bring kids to school. hahaha!
For your info! We got 2nd for 4x100. Cause whats her name fell down D: And not to mention when she passed that stick thingy to me, it almost fell. So we lost to rumah hijau. Aiks. Next year then. BTW! JIAHUI RAN WITH ME TOO! HAHAHA! After four years of studying here, this is her first time running in this school. lolwtf. *claps claps* The field today was exceptionally wet. A lot of people slipped and fell ): Not going into details. Damn lazy now.


I feel like dying D:

Today was such an awful day D: I can list down all the reasons, but now i just don't want to. It was so boring, it almost made me cry. lol. .__. I'm really not in the blogging mood now. And yet i'm still blogging. lol. I hate that i've been eating so much lately. I don't even dare to find out how much weight i've already gain. OMGG! I've just been feeling so hungry lately. Every 1 hour i feel like eating D: I think i need to stop before i turn into [blank]. wtf. I HAVE A CRAVING FOR STEAMBOAT NOW! :D Hahaaa. My baby sister came with my daddy to fetch me home from school today. haha, and i know daniel is very happy to see her xP On the way home, she says 'Eunice, daniel very cute leh.' lols. Haihh, I'm so tired now. But i can't sleep. lol. I don't feel like moving. I feel so lazy. AND I STILL HAVE TUITION LATER! OMGGG.

Lately i've been sweating a lot. And i mean A LOT! I really hate sweating. I mean, its still okay if i…